Plan an Elegant Picnic for Father’s Day: Pre-assembled to DIY Ideas

The beach, the park, or the backyard? Whatever you choose as your perfect picnic spot, plan an elegant Father’s Day picnic this June with a lovely spread of tasteful goodies. With just a few basic number of goodies, it is actually quite easy to assemble a picnic basket. Here’s how you can do it on today’s post! (*this post contains affiliate links)

What to Pack for a Light Picnic: Essentials from Food to Utensils

Putting together a picnic basket entails a variety of items that can be easily transported, require minimal prep time, and have virtually zero clean up. These are some of our suggestions:

  1. charcuterie platters with assorted meats and cheeses
  2. fresh fruits like grapes, apricots, and pears
  3. tasty spreads like liver pate
  4. nuts such as pistachios, almonds, and cashews
  5. dried dates and figs
  6. small bottles of olives
  7. cans of sardines
  8. jars of caviar
  9. baguettes, bread rolls, and croissants
  10. wine crackers and savory biscuits
  11. a bar or box of chocolate
  12. a bottle or mini bottle of your favorite wine or champagne

Do remember that many of the items above can be bought and stored ahead of time! Beyond edibles, be sure to pack utensils and picnic-ready wine glasses that are light and perhaps disposable for fast clean up. Also, consider a lightweight picnic basket or hamper. There are also picnic bags and backpacks, which are practical options. A light container will make it easier on everyone for transport, which is especially helpful if getting to your picnic spot entails a short hike. Lastly, don’t forget a picnic blanket or something to sit on comfortably!

5 Picnic Basket Inspiration and Ideas for Father’s Day

Our five examples show you just how easy it is to plan a picnic. See what we found!

Elegant fathers' day inspiration

1 – Charcuterie and Artisan Cheese Hamper (GiftTree) via Amazon
An insulated picnic basket filled with premium cured meats, cheeses, smoked salmon, Spanish charcuterie, and four artisan cheeses. Also includes gourmet chocolates, cornichons, and Maille dijon mustard.

2 – Artisan Fruit and Cheese Basket (The Fruit Company) via Amazon
This basket is filled with a variety of cheeses like blue cheese, apples, pears, and honey wheat crackers.

3 – Fortnum & Mason Father’s Day Picnic Hamper
Plan a picnic fit for a gentleman with a hamper of goodies from Fortnum & Mason. Includes their famous Scotch Egg, hand-raised pork pie, Fortnum’s Piccadilly Piccalilli, cheddar Ingot, Devon Vintage Cider, and English Pilsner. Comes with a tote bag bearing the F&M logo. International shipping available.

4 – Picnic for 2 Basket via Wayfair
Assemble a simple picnic basket with items like brie, wine crackers, strawberries, pears, and your favorite wine. This hamper doesn’t include food, but comes with essentials like wine glasses, a cutting board, a corkscrew with handle, a cheese knife, a food container, tablecloth, and napkins. Fits a 750ml size wine bottle.

5 – Father’s Day picnic by Sonoma-Cutrer wine
Pack your father’s day picnic basket with items like prosciutto, citrus fruits, and capers. Include artisanal salts and gourmet spreads.

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