12 Luscious Sangria Recipes to Perk Up Any Party This Summer!

If there’s such a thing as an ideal party drink it would probably be sangria! It’s light, refreshing, and healthy (see all those fruit bits?)—with just enough kick to get guests in a festive mood. Plus, it certainly helps that a pitcher of sangria makes such a pretty addition to any beverage bar, colorful and eye-catching. And it can be mixed in party-size quantities with such ease, and in so many variations. In fact, we have 12 luscious recipes for you right here!

A Sangria Selection You’ll Love: Fruity & Flavorful

Sangria drink recipes! Cheers to a refreshing summer as featured on the Party Suite at  Bellenza. #sangria

Just feasting your eyes on these photos, you can almost taste the zesty flavors that await in every sip of these sangria variations. So be sure to click on the links below for the recipes!

But first a few sangria serving tips:

  1. Color is a huge part of the appeal of this drink. So show it off with large serving containers of clear glass: pitchers, punch bowls, decanters, and the like.
  2. Fresh fruit in sections, chunks, slices, and even whole (as in berries) make sangria such a fun party drink. Provide appetizer forks, skewers, even toothpicks to allow guests to take fruity bites between sips!
  3. Glasses for sangria can also come in many forms. Choose a style that suits your party theme—wine glasses, champagne flutes, ‘highball’ or martini glasses, juice tumblers, even cups, mugs, or mason jars.
  4. Decorative trays and accessories, like colorful coasters, patterned napkins, fun stirrers, and striped straws complete the party look.
  5. A sangria station! This would be a huge hit with guests, especially if you lay out special add-ons like sparkling wine, more fruit bits, and garnishes for them to ‘customize’ their own drinks.

Okay, now for the recipes:

1 – Classic Spanish Red SangriaTikkido

2 – White Sangria from Rachael RayFood Network

3 – Strawberry and Peach SangriaEpicurious

4 – Lemon-Lime Margarita SangriaKitchen Treaty

5 – Sparkling Red, White, and Blue SangriaGimme Some Oven

6 – Tropical Blue SangriaForRent

7 – Raspberry-Apricot SangriaBetty Crocker

8 – Citrus Pineapple SangriaWhat’s Gaby Cooking

9 – Melon Mint SangriaMartha Stewart

10 – Sparkling Pink SangriaBoulder Locavore

11 – Pineapple Mojito SangriaKitchen Treaty

12 – Chocolate Covered Cherry SangriaThe Cookie Rookie

So which of these sangria recipes are you putting on your next party checklist?

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