See & Do #2: Easiest Halloween Candy Table Setup Ever!

It’s been too long since our first See & Do DIY post (see it here). So we’re thrilled to bring you our second super-easy how-to, just in time for your Halloween party planning! Next to creepy creatures, candy is definitely the star of any Halloween event. So showcase it in a Candy Table that’s sure to cast a sugary spell on the scene. And here’s how to do so—oh so simply!

A styled shoot that features tips for setting a simple Halloween candy table by the Party Suite at Bellenza.

Materials you will need:

  1. clear glass goblets, parfait glasses, sorbet dishes, candy jars
  2. an assortment of your favorite candies in Halloween colors like orange, purple, apple green, black and white M&Ms™, Hershey’s Kisses™, jelly beans, candy corn, Skittles™, sixlets, gummy candies, taffy, chocolate candy cups, mini marshmallows, licorice sticks, foil-wrapped chocolate balls
  3. metallic trays
  4. decorative display accents to suit your chosen theme
  5. scoops or serving spoons
  6. purple ribbon
  7. mini treat bags

The Steps:

To highlight the candies and all their colors, keep the setup intentionally simple.

  1. Arrange the clear glass goblets, glasses, dishes in neat rows on your trays.
  2. Fill each one with one type of candy.
  3. Position the containers to present eye-catching color contrasts.
  4. Place the scoops and treat bags alongside.
  5. Tie simple bows around the containers’ stems and the scoops’ handles.
  6. If you wish, add decorative accents depending on your theme (little ghosts, witches’ hats, black cats, and the like).

Presentation Tips:

A fun and easy Halloween candy table by the Party Suite at Bellenza.

Our accent pieces were a little “crystal ball” lamp and a wooden wheelbarrow which we filled with brightly colored napkins. You could use something similar, like a play cauldron or a pumpkin-shaped basket, to hold the treat bags and scoops.

For a grownup party, you can leave out the Halloween touches for a clean, modern look. Then tie on black ribbons instead.

If you want a more stylized effect, choose candies in just 1 or 2 colors and display them in clear or solid-colored containers. (We have a spooktacular sweets station in black and green here.)

Now, how’s that for a simple, quick, affordable Halloween Candy Table? See it along with the rest of the party food and drinks display in this post.

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