SEE & DO: Simple Way to Make Berries and Ice Cream Dessert!

Make the easiest dessert this summer for a Sunday BBQ with berries and ice cream. No need for anything fancy or tedious to mix together as we will show you! Serve this sweet and cold fruit-based dessert up in shapely goblets, wine glasses, or stem glasses, and your dessert is ready to serve. Grownups and kids alike are sure to enjoy this treat so be sure to make an ample amount ahead of time.

Basic ingredients and materials:

Berries and ice cream dessert on a silver tray with rose petals

  1. Berries of all sorts (strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries). We used strawberries for their bright red color.
  2. Store-bought vanilla ice cream (preferred) – also choose honey almond or coconut. You may also substitute soy ice cream.
  3. Garnish with a sprig of mint
  4. Melted chocolate fudge
  5. Glass ice cream bowls or goblets
  6. Ice cream spoons

To prepare the dessert:

Simple berries and cream

  1. Place berries first into your serving glass or bowl
  2. Add a scoop or two of ice cream
  3. Add a garnish
  4. Pour a small dripping of fudge, if desired.
  5. Present the dessert on a stylish silver tray. Add your own décor accents such as rose petals and personalized paper crowns in gold! This would be great for an intimate lunch or movie night. Prepare a dessert bar with a variety of fruit fillings, whip cream, and cookies as well!

Didn’t we tell you how easy it is to prepare! Feel free to add your own fruits beyond berries like kiwi, peaches, melon, and mangoes.

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