Summer Boba Drink Recipes to Keep Your Housewarming Party Cool!

Of course, you want your housewarming party to live up to its name, right? But during the summer months, a welcome-to-our-new-home gathering could get just a bit too warm! So keep things cool with light and friendly party menu choices. Our top picks? We recommend a sandwich bar, appetizers on a stick, and a help-yourself snacks and drinks table!

And for those drinks, we mean ice cold beverages to help guests beat the heat. Beyond just beer, sodas, and fruit juices, though, why not toss in a trendy surprise: summer boba drinks! They’re fun and cool, temp-wise and taste-wise. And with our 10 bubble tea or boba drink recipe finds below, there’s sure to be a flavor match for your housewarming theme. (No theme? You can go for a full boba tea and snacks party instead.)

10 Boba/Bubble Tea Recipes to Choose From

These are basically tea-based concoctions with interesting flavors added—and chewy, little tapioca pearls (boba in Chinese) for some fun texture. Hence, the name boba drink or bubble tea!

Tropical or Asian-inspired Recipe Finds

Planning an outdoor luau style housewarming? Or one serving Asian flavors?  Then, these 6 boba tea recipes might have what you’re looking for.

Matcha to Mango boba drinks
1 – Iced Matcha Bubble Tea – from Vitamix

Easy enough to stir together in 8 minutes, the key ingredients here are matcha green tea powder, almond milk, and of course the tapioca pearls.

2 – Lychee Bubble Tea – from Green Heart Love

Sweet, tangy, and creamy all in one, this concoction features sweet lychees, strong black tea, creamy oat milk, and chewy boba.

3 – Ube (Purple Yam) Bubble Tea – from The Flavor Bender

Love that vibrant color! But what is ube? No worries, this recipe offers options for how to use that distinctive ingredient for a make-ahead paste you can store in the fridge. Then tips for blending in milk, honey to taste, and the final tapioca balls for serving.

4 – Vietnamese Coffee Bubble Tea Boba Drink – from Cinnamon Society

Coffee in a tea drink? Yes! Strong Vietnamese-style coffee sweetened with condensed milk replaces the usual black tea. But of course those boba pearls are the chewy add-on.

5 – Mango Bubble Tea – from

Fresh or frozen mango, coconut milk, and jasmine tea make this a truly tropical-flavored blend perfect for a summer event! 

6 – Passionfruit Mango Bubble Tea – from Produce Made Simple

Another tropical temptation, this recipe uses the bright and cheery flavor of passion fruit to spike black tea. Then ice, frozen passion fruit juice, or frozen mango are added to make the mix slushy.

With Berry, Citrus or Floral Hints

We found 4 more boba drink recipes for you to try. Still fruity but more familiar to the Western palate—plus even a flower-inspired one!

Strawberry to Iced Tea Boba Drinks
7 – Strawberry Milk Tea Boba – from My Vegan Minimalist

Just 5 ingredients are needed: fresh strawberries, tea leaves or in bags, milk, sugar, and tapioca pearls. The result is this refreshing, creamy, and pretty pink bubble tea.

8 – Blueberry Bubble Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearls – from Cacao Shamaness

Looking for a vegan version? The base of blueberry tea in this recipe gets its striking blue color from blue butterfly pea powder added in. Then, oat milk, maple syrup, and homemade tapioca pearls complete the mix.

9 – Arnold Palmer Lemonade Iced Tea with Boba – from Kitchen Confidante

This blend of freshly made lemonade—nicknamed after golf legend Arnold Palmer—and iced black tea is sweetened with simple syrup to create the ultimate summer thirst-quencher. Don’t forget the boba balls!

10 – Rose Bubble Milk Tea – from Torani

Another sweet pink drink, this one owes its color and flavor to Torani Rose Syrup added to black tea, along with milk, tapioca pearls, and whipped cream on top (if desired).

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