Tips for Setting Up an Iced Coffee Bar This Summer!

If you’re looking beyond fruity cocktails to serve at your next summer gathering, then why not put a fun spin to your refreshments with a cool iced coffee bar? Even if you’re not a seasoned barista, it is still possible to concoct your own homemade brew and come out looking like a party pro with these practical tips for planning your own iced coffee bar. (*this post contains affiliate links)

Iced Coffee Bar Tips for a Refreshing Summer Party

How to set up a iced coffee bar for sumemr

You can spend a lot on expensive coffee beans, but Trader Joe’s offers affordable options that still taste great like the French Roast, Italian Roast, and Kona.

Stock your iced coffee bar with a variety of flavored syrups such as French vanilla, caramel, and chocolate as seen here on Torani’s blog. To add an ethnic flair, you can also provide condensed milk that is typically used for making Thai or Vietnamese iced coffee.

You can also offer up boozy options by way of flavored liqueurs like Kahlúa®, Bailey’s Irish Cream®, Amaretto Di Saronno®, and RumChata®. Flavored creamers such as those you commonly see at the grocery are also another popular option available in flavors like hazelnut, tres leches, and peppermint.

Some people love to sprinkle their iced coffee with toppings like sugar sprinkles, nutmeg, cinnamon, and fluffy marshmallows, so keep these handy. You may also want to provide flavored sugars in rose, lavender, and coconut. Whipped cream is definitely a must-have!

Include tall drinking glasses with straws, napkins, stirrers, and glass coasters. Tip: mason jars are also extremely popular for summer.

Make use of a coffee dispenser specially made for brewing cold coffee. But, if you don’t have one, there’s still a way to create the perfect iced coffee. See the Eater. Alternatively, if you want to do it the easier way, you can look into cold coffee concentrates like the Bizzy Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate.

Provide ice cubes presented in a bucket with ice tongs or scoops. Crushed ice is also another option you can offer up to guests. Tip: chill your glasses ahead of time for a cool effect!

Place a coffee bar signage with pretty chalkboard lettering as seen on Pen + Paper Flowers! Then affix chalkboard labels to your bottles of syrups, coffee dispensers, and other items on your coffee bar table.

If iced coffee with boba hasn’t hit you by now, then you’ve been missing out on enjoying a trendy treat! Have some boba balls laid in glass containers for your guests! Boba comes in flavors such as chocolate and vanilla. Be sure to provide boba sipping straws, which have a wider diameter.

Here’s something cool you can try that will impress your guests:

Make ice cubes using flavored creamer, half and half, or whole milk. You may need to have a several ice cube trays! But do try them first in small batches. Once you have your frozen “milk” cubes, place a few of them in glasses filled with chilled coffee or a batch made as a cold brew. The coffee has to be chilled so that your ice cubes don’t melt. Once you add these frozen cubes to the coffee, you’ll love seeing the effect of the milk as it mixes with the coffee!

What to Prepare for Guests to Eat with Iced Coffee

While we do love iced coffee alone, we suggest pairing your cold drink with any of the following sweet to savory foods. For savory options, bacon is your best bet with bacon wrapped potato wedges, bacon onion rings, cheddar bacon sliders, and bacon rolls are quick and easy to prepare. For sweet options, consider macarons, chocolate fudge cookies, and shortbread cookies. Make or order some pies such as apple, blueberry, or strawberry. Red velvet cake is sure to be a hit. When serving food together with iced coffee, remember that you’re not serving up a whole meal, so feel free to use small, appetizer plates to display your food.

With these tips, recipes, and food pairing ideas, we hope you can plan the perfect iced coffee party! Why not share your ideas with our readers. And if you have actually created an iced coffee bar, send your pictures to our editors. See how you can make a submission: here.

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