Valentine’s Pancake Breakfast Recipes: Surprise for Mom and Dad!

What a fabulous Valentine’s Day treat this would be! Imagine greeting Mom and Dad (kids, are you taking notes? hint-hint!) with a breakfast table or bedside tray laid out with the most delectable homemade pancakes. And not just any pancakes, but darling mini-sized ones in the shape of hearts, garnished with berries and chocolate, or made with some truly fascinating flavors. Come take a look at these irresistible Valentine’s Pancake Breakfast Recipes we found…and be ready to fall in love!

Which One’s Your Favorite? We Love Them All!

Valentine's pancakes in Red Velvet, Tiramisu, Almond Banana, Double Chocolate, and Whole Wheat Pancakes for Valentine's Day.

1 – Red velvet pancakesChocolate Covered Katie made these with pureed raspberries in place of the traditional red food coloring, then layered with cheesecake frosting. Aren’t the ‘confetti’ sprinkles and the cutout heart adorable?

2 – Dark chocolate pancake banana towers – These fancy-looking treats are actually pancake ‘rounds’ made with a cookie cutter, then stacked alternately with slices of banana and dark chocolate sauce! So creative and cute, from Apron and Sneakers.

3 – Red velvet heart-shaped pancakes – Modified by Lorie of Be Different Act Normal from a recipe by Nestle, these red velvet goodies get their perfect heart shape by placing a pancake mold onto the skillet and pouring the batter into it.

4 – Red velvet pancakes with cream cheese – For this healthier variation, Gina of Skinny Taste used white whole wheat flour in the batter and made a light cream cheese frosting to replace the traditional maple syrup. The heart shape and red color make it perfect for Valentine’s!

5 – Double chocolate and raspberry mini pancake stacks – These stacked pancakes’ petite size, chocolate raspberry jam topping, and garnish of fresh raspberries make them absolutely tempting treats! Check out the recipe at Stonewall Kitchen.

6 – Tiramisu pancakes – Inspired by the famed Italian dessert, these are described on Tasty Kitchen as ‘coffee-chocolate pancakes with mascarpone cream and a touch of coffee liqueur.’ Delicate and decadent!

7 – Dark chocolate pancake tower with pomegranate seeds – Thanks to the German blog Tortchenzeit, we have this luscious mini tower of chocolate pancakes, drizzled with maple syrup and scoops of pomegranate seeds. The perfect red touch for Valentine’s!

8 – Almond banana doily pancakes – These lace-like creations we found via Peegaw Tumblr have a lovely delicate look, but they’re also packed with healthy almond flour and fresh bananas. Visit the full post for how to create the doily patterns.

9 – Whole wheat chocolate pancakes – Already flavorful with rich chocolate and a tad of brewed coffee, these pancakes are delicious plain, according to Alida’s Kitchen. But you may top them with confectioner’s sugar and fresh strawberries, or pour on some chocolate syrup. Yum!

Wondering what drinks to serve Mom and Dad along with their pancake breakfast on Valentine’s Day? A pot of freshly brewed coffee or tea, of course, would be a perfect match. But for something more special to suit the occasion, why not treat them to light Valentine’s mocktails like mimosas and more?

Simple recipes here:


  1. So glad you like our roundup, Pamela! It was a real treat for us just gathering these delicious recipes and photos!

  2. Such yummy ideas! Who can resist them. Gotta love that tiramisu one.

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