Celebrating Advent: Calendars to Make for Kids that Use Chocolates!

Counting down the days till Christmas is such a thrill for the little ones. And to add to the anticipation, there are countless clever variations of Advent calendars to mark each passing day – among them, some incorporating chocolates! How can the kids resist, right? So scroll on down to see each delicious DIY project for looking forward to Christmas one chocolate goodie at a time! *This post contains affiliate links.

10 Advent Calendars You Can Make: Easy and Chocolate-y!

Such creativity! That’s what we found with these 10 fun, festive, and easy ideas for making your own countdown-to-Christmas calendars – with chocolates.

10 Advent Calendars You Can Make. Easy and Chocolate-y!

1 – Chocolates on ribbon
Gracie of Sense and Simplicity calls this the “easiest Advent calendar ever.” And she may be right, as you simply attach Ghirardelli chocolates on a length of wide ribbon and hang it where you wish!

2 – Wrapped chocolate bars
A simple recycling idea we found on Casa di Falcone uses newspaper or magazine pages to wrap individual chocolate bars. Then these were trimmed with washi tape and number stickers, and lined up in a box.

3 – “Kiss Me” countdown
Hershey’s Kisses in red foil for the holidays are a perfect choice to string on baker’s twine, as shown on Eighteen 25. The finished project looks like a garland of Christmas bells!

4 – DIY Advent Calendar for Mom
Even moms need their own advent calendar! This fun semi-DIY over at Hello Splendid makes use of items such as Lindt LINDOR chocolate balls, nail polish, and Starbucks K-Cups. Such a fun advent calendar to make with the kids for moms to enjoy!

5 – Oreo cookie balls Advent countdown
Love this break from a traditional calendar! Instead, A Subtle Revelry uses hard-shell chocolate cookie balls with sea salt (recipe provided), each topped with a number-candle to mark the holiday countdown.

6 – Repurposed type tray Advent calendar
See how Jaime Costiglio turned an old tray for printer’s letters into a display box featuring countdown numbers and Hershey’s Kisses. Keep your eyes open for a similar thrift store or yard sale find.

7 – Lindt Balls calendar clothespin wreath
A clothespin wreath isn’t an entirely new idea. But see how Homemade Gifts Made Easy turns this one into an edible Advent “calendar” by adding red-wrapped Lindt chocolate balls.

8 – Candy-filled pouches Advent calendar
Here, drawstring pouches are decorated with vintage holiday images and numbers, available from Wolves in London. Then, these are filled with Lindt “Lindor” balls and strung as a charming Christmas garland.

9 – DIY Origami Advent Calendar
Create your own origami boxes filled with chocolate coins as Emma from Gathering Beauty shows you how to make these festive treat boxes.

10 – DIY raw chocolate Advent calendar
You can go gourmet, as Wholesome Cook did with this delicious countdown idea. Or you can use store-bought chocolates and replicate this same project – using a tray covered with a sheet of brown baking paper to poke through to the treats. For more fun, note that the numbered stickers are not in chronological order.

Some Suggested Filling Ideas You Can Use

Chocolate fillings you can use to make your own advent calendars may include:

  1. Chocolate Coins
  2. Lindt LINDOR Chocolate Balls
  3. Hershey’s Kisses
  4. Ferrero Rocher Chocolates
  5. M&Ms Holiday Chocolate Candy

If you happen to have leftover candy, then you can use them as stocking stuffers or make small treat bags as party favors.

Have you made your choice of Advent calendar to DIY? All so creative, so resourceful, and so much fun for heightening the excitement of waiting for Christmas Day!

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