Christmas Craft from Mexico: Pinata-inspired DIY Decorations

Here it is, friends! The first post in our series on Christmas Crafts from Around the World. And what more colorful and festive craft to start with than the fun, “fringe-y” Mexican piñata! Originally a fiesta game of “hit the pot” – usually in the shape of a donkey – the piñata has since been recreated into countless forms for decorations and packaging across virtually every occasion and holiday. So of course, there are piñatas for Christmas! To show where your creativity can take you with this Mexican craft, check out these 10 DIY piñata projects that say “Happy Olé-days!” (*this post contains some affiliate links).

10 Ways to Include Piñatas in Your Christmas Decor

Try out these holiday tabletop accents, treat packaging, hanging ornaments, and centerpieces – all inspired by Mexico’s piñata.

Pinata-inspired DIY Christmas Decorations

If piñatas now come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and themes, then what links them to the Mexican original? As you’ll see in these fun examples, it’s the fringes!

1 – Mini Piñata Pyramids – A striking packaging idea from envatotuts+ using ready-made metallic fringe tape (*Amazon affiliate) to cover these trinket and treat boxes from top to bottom with fringe.

2 – DIY Star Piñata – Traditionally seen at Mexico’s beloved Posadas Navideñas celebration, this would definitely add an authentic touch to your holidays! Honestly Yum has a great tutorial to DIY this, or you may opt to buy a ready-made star piñata (*Amazon affiliate).

3 – Christmas Tree Piñata Ornaments – Tiny trees hanging on your tree! You’ll love the easy-to-follow tutorial over at Everything Etsy. Fun to make with your kids, too.

4 – Mini Donkey Piñata – From Taylor Stamped, here’s a nod to the traditional Mexican fiesta game – made with a Mini Donkey Pinata (*Amazon affiliate) kit. Just add fringe tape (*Amazon affiliate)!

5 – DIY Mini Wreath PiñataAmanda Coleman Designs (blog name Popper & Mimi) uses a ready-to-assemble Circle Piñata Kit (*Amazon affiliate) to turn out 3 pretty mini wreaths you’d love to decorate your home with!

6 – DIY Christmas Tree Centerpiece – Even without hiding goodies inside, a piñata-inspired centerpiece (as we said, it’s the fringes!) like this one from Cozy Reverie will lend a playful air to your holiday decor.

7 – Mini Christmas Piñatas – Such a delightful project from Pebbles Inc. for making little fringe-y ornaments and/or candy holders – in a candy cane, Christmas ball, and Christmas tree design.

8 – Mini Piñata Advent Calendar – Yes, this is an advent calendar! The tutorial from Gingerbread Snowflakes shows how to mold hollow Christmas balls, then dress them up piñata-style, and add numbers (you can leave off the numbers to use them just as ornaments).

9 – Mini Piñata Christmas Tree Ornament – This cute project from Growing Up Bilingual actually doubles up as both a treat holder and a holiday ornament.

10 – Mini Christmas Tree Piñata – Use this inspiration from Confetti Pop (via Handimania) to make your own hollow cardboard tree form, dress it up with green paper fringe, and fill with candies and small gifts.

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