A Circus Themed Birthday Cake: DIY!

Okay, maybe not DIY as in ‘bake from scratch.’ But here’s a clever and super-easy way to decorate a circus-themed birthday cake with no decorating skills required! You’ll see what we mean, as we present the themed cake that was part of our glittery Vintage-style Circus Birthday Party set (links at the end of this post). So “step right up”…the circus birthday cake-decorating is about to begin!

Creating that Circus Look in Minutes

A white fondant cake gets decorated for a Circus Themed Birthday Cake with Colorful Accents

All we did was take a basic fondant-covered cake and give it a circus look. Here’s how!

We started with an undecorated white fondant cake. You can order one from a bakery or perhaps a baking school near you. Or you could have a family member or friend bake one up as a present for the celebrant! Of course, you could also opt for a simple white-frosted cake that you can then dress up.

Our decorations and trimmings were all store-bought and ready to use, too!

  • – satin ribbon in the colors of the party palette
  • – fresh flowers to match
  • – a beaded and bejeweled elephant figurine

Our super-simple procedure was to:

  1. drape the ribbons in alternating colors from the center of the cake down the sides (tip: carefully tuck the ends underneath the cake with the help of a metal spatula or knife for a neat finish)
  2. place a bunch of flowers right in the center
  3. top the cake with the elephant figurine
  4. display the finished cake as part of the circus-themed dessert table

Now, we can all do that, right?!

A Circus-themed Birthday Cake You Can DIY!

Do feel free, though, to get creative with trimmings and decorations you may already have in your craft supplies stash, toy bins, or even in your pantry!

  • – paper or fabric flowers
  • – multi-colored pompoms
  • – gumdrops, jelly beans, circus animal cookies, peppermint sticks
  • – bunting made to look like circus tent pennants
  • – other possible figurines or mini toys to use as toppers: a clown, lion, seal, ballerina (as a trapeze artist), a ringmaster’s top hat, a bunch of colored balls on sticks simulating balloons

The point is to create a fun, festive cake the little birthday boy or girl will love—with readily available materials, and with minimal effort and skills required.

A Circus-themed Birthday Cake Presented as Part of a Dessert Presentation Table

Of course, there must be a circus-themed birthday cake! But why not try an alternative to the usual over-the-top kiddie birthday creation? Instead, take a basic fondant-covered cake and give it your own circus look. Our approach was to use satin ribbon in the colors of the party palette and drape them from the center of the cake down the sides. Then, we topped the cake with a beaded and bejeweled elephant figurine (you could use a clown or a lion or even a pretty doll) plus a bunch of fresh flowers. Now, how simple is that?!

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