DIY Stick Horse Party Favors for a Cowboy Themed Birthday

A Little Cowboy or Wild West theme is timeless when it comes to boys’ birthday parties. And a huge part of its appeal is that “down on the ranch,” handcrafted look, thanks to decorations made with lots of creativity and love! A perfect example is this Stick Horse project, from our Little Cowboy party set. They make the most adorable party favors and decorations on the scene—and would be extra-special party keepsakes for each young’un to take home! Best of all, you can make these DIY ponies yourself! Just follow our step-by-step tutorial below. Giddyup!

Make DIY Party Ponies for a Cowboy Theme

Materials you will need for EACH stick horse:

Materials for a Stick Horse Party Favor

  1. Plain sock in a neutral color (tan, beige, brown)
  2. Stuffing
  3. Thick cotton rope (like that used in mops) – 10 to 12 strands
  4. Wooden or bamboo stick (1-inch in diameter, 3 to 4 feet long)
  5. Felt fabric (tan, brown)
  6. Fabric strips (plain red and blue, and in checkered or plaid patterns)
  7. Jute strings
  8. Styrofoam ball (4” size)
  9. Buttons
  10. Glue gun
  11. Pair of scissors

Stick horse party favors for Western Cowboy Themed Birthday Materials for a Stick Horse


Our Step-by-Step Tutorial

Stuff the sock with a ball and stick

Step 1:  Fill the foot part of the sock with the stuffing, pushing it firmly all the way to the toe end. Keep filling until the entire foot part (from toe to heel) has a nice rounded form. Leave the ankle portion empty.

Step 2:  Push one end of the stick into the styrofoam ball to make an indentation. If needed, you can use the scissors to help with this step.

Step 3:  Attach the ball to the end of the stick using the glue gun.

Step 4:  Stretch the ankle portion of the sock over the ball. Position the ball in the heel of the sock, to complete the base of the horse’s “head.”

Connect the strips of fabric to the sock

Step 5:  Fill the rest of the sock with stuffing, all around the part of the stick inside the sock. This will be the horse’s “neck.”

Step 6:  Tie the open end of the sock securely around the stick with a length of jute twine.

Step 7:  Take a plain fabric strip and tie it around the “nose” of the horse to form a “bridle.”

Step 8:  Take a plaid or checkered fabric strip and attach it to the underside of the “bridle.”

Cut and add the felt ears

Step 9:  Tie the other end of the plaid or checkered fabric strip to the “bridle” to form “reins.”

Step 10:  Take the felt fabric and cut out ear shapes. Cut a slightly smaller pair from the tan felt to make inner ears, and a slightly larger pair from the brown felt to make outer ears.

Step 11:  From the brown felt, cut a pair of eyelashes.

Step 12:  Take the 10 to 12 strands of cotton rope, and tie them together at mid-point with twine.

Hot glue the eyes and nose

Step 13:  Attach the cotton rope to the top portion of the stuffed sock, applying the glue gun to just the tied mid-point of the cotton rope. Leave the rest of the rope hanging loose. This will form the horse’s mane.

Step 14:  Glue on the eyelashes on either side of the horse’s head.

Step 15:  Glue on the ears with the tan cutouts on top of the brown cutouts. Make a little pleat as you glue these in place to create a bit of dimension.

Step 16:  Glue on a pair of buttons to create the horse’s nostrils. And you’re done!

Cowboy Themed Birthday Favors

See the finished products with varied details, so that each Stick Horse is unique!

Stick horse party favors for Western Cowboy Themed Birthday

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