Are you Dreaming of an Upcycled Christmas? 10 Creative Ideas!

Are you dreaming of an upcycled Christmas? Well, we definitely are! With the amount of items we all have at home, you can turn used materials like old CDs, light bulbs, newspapers, magazines, and old calendars into great holiday decorations and gift packaging. We’re thrilled to show you 10 creative ideas, including three of our own DIYs for making a truly upcycled Christmas.

10 Upcycled Christmas Decorations and Packaging Ideas!

Upcycled Newspaper Gift Packaging | Bellenza

Idea #1: Upcycled Newspaper Gift Packaging

Our favorite holiday tutorial is here! Adults and kids alike will enjoy this DIY as you transform old newspapers into artful gift packaging. Check out the tutorial!

Light Bulb Ornaments | Bellenza

Idea #2: Light Bulb Ornaments

Our DIY shows you how to make dazzling holiday ornaments for your tree! They’re also a great project with kids for making gifts for friends and family. Get creative now!

CD-edged Gift Tags for an upcycled Christmas | Bellenza

Idea #3: CD-edged Gift Tags

In this DIY, learn how to turn your old CDs into creative gift tags for your presents. Incorporate a special motif or theme into these tags, and they’re ready for giving. See the DIY.

Searching for More Upcycled Christmas Ideas?

Idea #4: Candle Centerpieces with Used Cans

Who doesn’t have used coffee, or paint cans? Turn them into attractive table centerpieces by re-painting them into your fave holiday hues!

Idea #5: Toilet Paper Rolls

If you collect toilet paper rolls, then why not turn them into a cool holiday door wreath! Tie at least 12 rolls together and form a circle. Have the kids decorate the rolls first! Lastly, create an attractive fastener at the top with a ribbon that can be used to hold the wreath together.

Idea #6: Used Wine Bottles

Turn used wine bottles into coffee table decorations by decorating them with wintry-like accents using glitter, white crafting paint, and cotton balls!

Idea #7: Grocery Paper Bags

Make fun Christmas stockings! Cut out grocery bags into giant stockings, decorate with paint and used buttons, and they’re ready to hang on the wall.

Idea #8: Cereal Box Bookmarks

Cereal boxes come in various designs that can be transformed into pretty bookmarks! Simply cut them out into your favorite shape and attach it with twine, yarn, or a ribbon. Ideal as stocking stuffers!

Idea #9: Milk Jug Snowmen

Don’t throw out those milk jugs this holiday season. Turn them into whimsical snowmen with the kids! Use old jar caps and lids as eyes, create ears and noses with old cartons, and add your own lights.

Idea #10: Old Christmas Cards

What’s old is new again by making beautiful banners out of Christmas cards! Hang them on your mantle, banister, or wall for a festive decoration.

Are you dreaming of an upcycled Christmas now? Let us know how you plan to turn old and unused items into something creative for the holidays!


  1. ohhh some cool ideas! love the way the cd tags turned out! Thanks for sharing at the Christmas in July party!

  2. These are all great ideas!

    • Thank you for the sweet comment!

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