Halloween Dessert Table Ideas: How to Make Your Own!

One fantastic way to combine Halloween decorating with serving up party goodies is through a dessert table. Hitting two birds (or should we say, bats?) with one stone! Whatever your planned look, the basic principles for setting up an attention-grabbing treats display are the same. Take a look at the 6 fabulous examples we found for inspiration, plus some basic must-have supplies to assemble a simple Halloween candy station of your own.

Inspiration for Halloween Dessert Tables: Decorative & Delish!

Whatever Halloween look you’re going for, a dessert table allows you to concentrate all decorating efforts (colors, backdrops, printables, serving containers, and the sweet treats themselves) in one focal point. So, the rest of the venue setup can be relatively simple.


Sources: 1 – Harvest/Country theme by Loralee Lewis / 2 – Maleficent theme by Michelle’s Party Plan-It, via Kara’s Party Ideas / 3 – Evil Queen’s Poisoned Apple theme by Luc and Lilah Events, via Catch My Party / 4 – Eek, Shriek and Be Scary collection by Wants and Wishes Design / 5 – Vintage-style table from Scarlet Designs / 6 – Witch-themed snack table by Pen N’ Paper Flowers

Some key decorating tips we can take from these 6 creative Halloween treats tables:

Tip #1: Be Clear About the Look

Decide on the impact you want your table to have at the party. Will it be ‘fall harvest’ rustic (1)? Will it revolve around a popular evil character (2) or a Halloween icon? Will it have an eerie, creepy vibe (3) but without the gore? Will it be cutesy and whimsical (4)? Will it be sophisticated and minimalist (5)? Or will it have an antique, vintage flair (6)?

Once you’ve decided, use that look as the anchor for all the decorative elements you will assemble—as well as the types of treats you will display. They should all support the look!

Tip #2: Manage Your Colors

A huge part of the visual impact and appeal of your dessert table will be the colors you use. Of course, these will depend on the look you’ve chosen.

Notice how black is a great base in all of the tables presented. Not only is it perfect for Halloween, it also makes the rest of the palette pop—whether the orange of pumpkins, the red of apples, the purple and green of an evil witch, the pristine white of a modern look, or the natural tones of burlap, wood, and basketry.

The trick is to keep within the palette! Do so from the table covering, to the backdrop, display stands and racks, dessert labels, and all the decorative trimmings you may add.

Tip #3: Use the Desserts as Decorations

This brings us to the all-important desserts themselves. Perhaps among all holiday treats, Halloween goodies have evolved into some of the most imaginative and creative party desserts out there. Take advantage of this for your display!

Just remember to keep true to your look and your color palette. For example, consider mini pies or caramel apples for a rustic theme, pumpkin cake pops for a playful gathering, white ‘ghost’ meringues or macarons for a stylish soiree, popcorn in little cauldrons for a witchy motif.

As you can see, the key is creating a focused, pulled-together effect using color, containers and serveware, themed decorations, and eye-catching Halloween desserts. The end result is just BOO-tiful!

Halloween Candy Station Basics & Where to Buy Them

If a full dessert table seems a bit challenging, you can set up a simple candy station with just these basic items. Then, dress it up with Halloween accents!


1 – Glass apothecary jars
Modern Vase (etsy), $32.30 for a set of 3

2 – Boo marquee sign
Target, $25.00

3 – Mini chalkboard signs on posts
Joann, $3.14 for a set of 5 (discounted)

4 – Black candy scoops
Candy Crate, $2.49 for 2 pcs.

5 – Polka dot Halloween treat bags
Michaels, $1.59 for a pack of 50

6 – Trick or treat candy pails
Party City, $3.99 for a pack of 12

7 – Black linen Halloween table runner
All Things Embroidery 4 (etsy), $24.00

8 – Printable banner
505 Design (free)

**Note: the prices above may change over time. Be sure to check with the retailer for actual pricing.


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