Homemade Christmas Party Favors: Thoughtful and Handmade Ideas!

There’s just something unique and special about receiving a handmade gift during the holidays. Whether it’s a homemade gift from the kitchen or a crafty creation, you could add your own DIY component to these favor ideas we’re featuring today. This post is Part 4 of our Holiday Party Guide, all about Christmasy favors for adults and kids alike! UPDATED as of 12/2/2018 with 35 favor ideas to make at home!

Christmas Favors that are Homemade for Adults

Edible gifts or favors are always welcome whatever the season. But knowing how much feasting takes place come Christmastime, we opted for non-sweets as homemade Christmas party favors for the grownups at your holiday party. And here’s what we found!

Holiday favors for adults during Christmas

Small bottles of DIY sweet orange and ginger tea mix (1) [recipe via HGTV] or packets of coffee (2), freshly roasted to order [via etsy shop Apropos Roasters] would be perfect complements to all the rich foods. Bottles of wine, olive oil, honey, or home-made salad dressing could be dressed up in burlap bags with stenciled Christmas designs (3) [via etsy shop Gripping Glamour]. Or home-made cheese balls (4) [via Pocket Change Gourmet] packaged in old-style colanders along with crackers and a butter knife would make charming gifts. Additional ideas include: cookies in gift bags, personalized CDs, and homemade peanut brittle.

12 More Christmas Party Favors for Adults to Make at Home:

  1. Christmas favors made with rum such as fruit cake.
  2. Hot chocolate in a mug with a bottle of small liqueur.
  3. Personalized bottles of wine with Christmas labels.
  4. Homemade CD collections packaged in pretty wrapping.
  5. A homemade recipe for soup that can be prepared using a broth mix.
  6. Scented candles in holiday fragrances such as cinnamon or pine.
  7. Decadent chocolate truffles with cognac presented in a gift box.
  8. Christmas-inspired drink coasters packaged with ribbons.
  9. Home baked peppermint candy cookies in tin cans.
  10. Coasters, mugs, or notebooks with photos are practical favors.
  11. Crochet or knitted mittens, scarves, and beanies are fun to make.
  12. Chocolate mints packaged in Christmas packaging with treat bags in a fun theme such as a reindeer, Santa, or gingerbread man.

Christmas Favors that are Homemade For Kids

Holiday party favors for kids during Christmas

For the little ones, favors that are fun, playful and yummy will always be a hit. So here are finds that are all that—plus they show off your DIY skills to boot!

Make giving sweets extra-special with ‘Santa’s belly’ candy cups (1) [via Hungry Happenings] that can be eaten, too! What about ‘mitten stuffers’ instead of the usual ‘stocking stuffers’—using darling knitted mittens in Christmas patterns (2) [via Good Housekeeping]. For a cute packaging option, think paper Santa stockings (3) stitched together and filled with your choice of goodies and little toys [via Confetti Sunshine]. Speaking of cute, check out these ‘Rudy the Reindeer’ cookie pockets (4) [via Parties and Patterns] that you can stuff with scrumptious treats.

Thrill the tots with homemade snow globes (5), crafted from recycled food jars and miniature trees and animals [via All You.com]; or these delightful vintage-style ornaments (6) made of wooden spools decorated with wrapping paper, ribbon and beads [via My So Called Crafty Life]. Or hand out darling mini hot cocoa mugs (7) assembled from marshmallows, candy canes, and candy sprinkles [via Crissy Crafts]!

12 More Christmas Party Favors for Kids to Make at Home:

Homemade Christmas Favors from Home Baked Cookies to Holiday Mittens to Party Crackers

  1. Recycled light ornaments
  2. Party crackers filled with miniature toys and candies
  3. Bake up an assortment of yummy Christmas cookies
  4. Winter mittens filled with candies that are presented as “lollipops”
  5. Christmas poems or inspiring words that you can write and display in a picture frame.
  6. Create your own Christmas stockings from upcycled socks.
  7. Make your own coloring book with free printables from the web and include a pack of crayons.
  8. Package plain ornaments with special markers for a homemade ornament kit.
  9. Buy festive Christmas paper cups and simply put your favorite holiday candy. Mark the cups with each child’s name for a personalized touch.
  10. Christmas party hats that are a hit with the little ones.
  11. Create snowmen favors using powdered doughnuts!
  12. Make homemade chocolate pretzel sticks with a Christmas motif.

With fun and festive favors like these, your holiday party guests—young and old alike—will think you’re the coolest hostess! Oh, and don’t forget to visit our earlier Holiday Party Guide For First-Time Hosts to grab even more great ideas:

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