Inspiration for Decorating a Thanksgiving Tablescape with a Country-Chic Flair

If there’s one holiday that’s centered around a warm, welcoming table setting, it is definitely Thanksgiving! And although all eyes tend to focus on the sumptuous feast that’s about to be shared, a huge factor in the table’s impact is how it is decorated. And it doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated either. As our Thanksgiving Tablescape with Country-Chic Flair will show you, the secrets are actually quite simple: choose a color scheme, decide on a focal decor element, and aim for an eclectic effect. Come and see how!

Country Chic! Inspiration for a Thanksgiving Tablescape!

Country Chic Thanksgiving inspiration from Bellenza

Table tip #1: Choose a color scheme.

Nothing ties a look together more easily than color. As you can see, we opted to go with orange. It’s one of the more festive hues of the season, plus it can range from bright tangerine to rust to ochre to a cheery yellow-orange. And we set that entire range of colors on the tabletop with the simple use of a striped runner.

Other elements we used to echo the color scheme were the orange wildflower arrangements in glass vases, charming mini pumpkins, and gleaming copper canisters.

Table tip #2: Select a focal decor element.

It may seem like a pretty obvious choice, but we went with fall leaves. We wanted to capture the feeling of being outdoors on a lovely autumn day, even if our table setting was actually indoors. So we had leaves seemingly fallen amidst the centerpieces, tucked into the raffia napkin ties (and serving as place cards), pinned to a paper tree on a corkboard for family members to leave their Thanksgiving wishes and gratitude notes, and forming a striking autumn-leaf arch to usher guests into the party area.

Table tip #3: Create an eclectic effect.

Since Thanksgiving is traditionally a family occasion, we recommend avoiding an overly styled look. The total effect should be unified and pulled-together (which is why we have Tips 1 and 2!), but definitely not stiff or studied. Notice how our table elements are informally arranged in random groupings, like little fall vignettes. A wine bottle here, a candle there, wine corks, berries, twigs, and strips of raffia scattered around.

In truth, these same tips would work marvelously for tables at any occasion or holiday. So do keep them in mind! For more ideas, see our related post here.

Warmest Thanksgiving wishes to you and yours!


  1. What lovely Fall decor ideas! Just beautiful! Your tips are great for getting started with my holiday decorating.

  2. So great! Thank you for sharing at the Caffeinated Crafters Link Party this week!

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