Creative Menu Card Ideas to Suit Your Party Theme!

An often overlooked element on a party table is the menu card . That is unless, of course, you’re checking out what’s to be served! But seriously, don’t just print out your menu on plain card stock and leave it at that. Why not dress those cards up a bit to suit your theme, the season, or at least the party color scheme? Just a few clever accents and trimmings will do the trick—as you’ll see from these creative menu cards from our own styled sets!

The Rustic Woodsy Look for Fall

The Rustic Woodsy Look for a Fall Menu Card

Nature does most of the work for this rustic fall theme! A quick trip to your garden or even your neighborhood sidewalk will get you a stash of decorative finds right there: fallen leaves, twigs, tree bark, seed pods , maybe even some berries or nuts . Glue a few of these to create an artful border around your menu cards, along with some ribbon and a layer or two of card stock in autumn colors . And you’re done!

The Charms of a Vintage Travel Theme

Vintage Travel Theme Card

There’s such an air of romance about a vintage travel theme that we designed our menu cards as a packet of love notes ! All it is, actually, is layers of kraft and pink paper (singed around the edges for an antique effect), a vintage-style postcard, a handwritten message on lined peach paper, and finally the menu printed on soft blue ombre paper and placed on top.A bit of raffia twine ties these all together in a sweet bundle!

Tip: You can visit our how-to post to make these for your own party.

Something Frightfully Cute for Halloween!

Spider Halloween Menu Card

Eeeek! There’s a spider on the menu —literally! As expected, this Halloween table was a blast to decorate. For the menu card, we again used layering of cardstock in black, green, and cream to create a framed look. Then, we simply wound a length of yarn in ombre green to hold it in place on a black napkin. And the finishing touch: a plastic spider perched on the guest’s place card!

Tip: Check out our how-to post for this. But if you’re worried about frightening some guests, you can always use mini broomsticks or little witch’s hats instead!

‘Going on a Safari’ Celebration

Safari menu card for a baby shower

This jungle safari party theme brings you out into the wild—even with your menu card! This one is such a breeze to craft. All you need are your pre-printed cards mounted on brown board, some pieces of tree bark or wood chips, then ribbon, raffia, or twine to assemble
them in a ‘roughing it’ look!

Tip: You can also use leaves, twigs, moss or wild grass in place of the bark.

Chic Black and Pink Parisian Flair

Chic black and pink cameo Parisian menu card

One of our favorite sets to design was this pretty Parisian setting ! The menu card is a petite black-edged square (Chanel-esque, don’t you think?) with a simple Eiffel Tower graphic on the front and the menu itself on the reverse. Then, the interplay of patterns and colors comes with simple layering of a pink fabric napkin, a striped paper napkin, and a polka dot ribbon. Tres chic!

Tip: Add a macaron, cameo, or mini Eiffel Tower as a pretty accent doubling up as a favor!

So whatever the occasion, season, or location of your party, don’t forget to dress up those menu cards. They can make such a stylish statement!


  1. These are all so beautiful. I host dinner parties, but have never done a menu card and you have certainly inspired me! I am pinning this to my Entertaining Pinterest board and scheduling to share at Twitter and FB! You have really kept the feel and theme of each of your dinners carried through with the detailing!

    • OH! I forgot, I would LOVE it if you would come by and share this at Celebrate it Sunday! The party opens on Saturday at 8 PM EST!

      • Definitely! Would love to join!

    • Hi Chloe! That is so sweet of you. Your boho shower was a joy to see!

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