How to Host a Mother’s Day Tea Party: Part 2 – Decor & Gift Ideas

Decorations and gift ideas that are homemade for a Mother's Day tea party celebration.

How perfect that Mother’s Day falls right within the merry month of May. That way, the tea party you’ll host for her will be a celebration of all things spring: pastel colors, garden-inspired accents, and flowers, flowers and more flowers! From the 7 party decorating ideas we found to the 7 favor and gift suggestions, we can just imagine Mom’s delight when you surprise her on her special day. All of them are definitely DIYable, and most have wonderful tutorials to help you!

Decorating Ideas for a Tea Party for Mom

Table decorations for planning a Mother's Day tea party | The Party Suite at Bellenza

Venue decorations – For an intimate gathering like this, having just one decorative focal point is practical—and can be oh so pretty!

Look at this straw tote door decor (1) that just shouts spring. You can use it as a tea party backdrop, then transfer it to your door for the rest of the season. And speaking of backdrops, how charming is this garden trellis-style ‘Mom’ sign (2)! This alone will make your tea party scene so spring-like.

Table accessories – On the tea tables, you can continue the floral fest with adorable elements like these. Single fresh blooms in glass vials (3) can serve as place name holders that guests get to take home afterwards. Then if you’re into crafting paper flowers, these mini paper rose wreaths (7) and crepe paper flowers in a glass pitcher (6) make lovely centerpiece options. While if you’ll be having several tables at the party, why not make seed packets in mini pots (5) to name each table after a flower?

Then, for the sweetest touch, craft this mini ‘Love You Mom’ bunting (4) to top her favorite tea party treats or a Mother’s Day cake!

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Favors for Guests, Gift Ideas for Mom

Tea party favors and gifts for Mother's Day Tea Party

A DIY gift basket is such fun to put together, especially for a tea party theme! Fill it with goodies like a cookies-in-a-jar mix and a personalized dish towel (1) your mom will treasure. Then, in keeping with the tea party theme, gift guests with tea towels in berry baskets (3).

For DIY favor ideas, we just had to share these mini trinket boxes (2) you can make yourself or a flower-filled tote (7) you can hang on each guest’s chair.

Of course, pretty packaging is always key. So even the simplest iced cookies can be made special presented in embroidered organza pouches (6). While bunches of fresh flowers or any present, for that matter, can be extra meaningful with gift tags and cards (4, 5) with a loving sentiment.

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We’d love to see your mom’s delight at having a Mother’s Day tea party decorated as perfectly spring-like as this! With gifts and favors that are homemade to match!

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