Origami DIY Christmas Decorations: Christmas Around the World

First, it was Mexico’s pinatas. Then, Germany’s lebkuchen. Now, next up in our series on Christmas around the world are holiday ornaments you can DIY using the ingenious and charming craft from Japan: origami! Because origami just uses paper folded into whimsical and creative forms, this is a craft that has easily found its way into party and wedding styling – and seasonal and holiday accents, too, like the Christmas decorations we’re featuring here. Why not surprise your family, friends, and yourself by hand-making origami-inspired holiday trimmings for your home and your gift packaging!

Origami-inspired Holiday Trimmings: 10 DIY Ideas to Try

Trust the artistic Japanese to work such magic with squares of colored paper. You can, too!

Simply follow the instructions (don’t be intimidated by the multiple steps and complex-looking diagrams) to create these delightful origami-style Christmas decorations.

Origami-inspired Holiday Trimmings: 10 DIY Ideas to Try

Star ornaments

Stars are an easy entry-point to this paper-folding craft. So make some of your own, like these tissue origami star Christmas ornaments (1) from Lia Griffith to trim your tree with. Or you could use the stars to assemble a simple paper wreath (2) to adorn your doors – thanks to a tutorial from Cook Clean Craft.

Christmas garlands

If you’d like to add a festive touch to your mantel, window sill, or banister, try this fun DIY origami star garland (3) from Alyssa and Carla or this modern geometric origami garland (4) we found via All About Orange. (Note: Intrigued by that Christmas ball made of paper in the same photo? So were we! So we dug up this tutorial for you to make your own.)

Mini Christmas trees

Origami can be made into free-standing 3D decorations as well. How adorable are these 2 variations of miniature Christmas trees (5 &7)? One from Hobby Craft UK and the other via YouTube.

Decorative boxes

Another intriguing use of origami is to craft small boxes and containers, all from folded paper! Why not give holiday treats and tiny gifts in adorable star Santa boxes (6) like these from Origami Spirit, or in cool modular-style containers called sonobe (8) following this tutorial from Natural Origami.

Kiddie origami-inspired projects

Finally, the little ones will be thrilled to have their own paper-folding crafts to make. Check out this easy origami snowman (9) via YouTube, and darling paper angel ornaments (10) courtesy of Artsy Craftsy Mom. You can even plan an origami-crafting day in your home to get everyone in on the decorating fun!

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