Party Like a Pineapple: Creative Ideas To Go Crazy With!

Let’s go crazy with pineapples! If you haven’t had a pineapple themed party, then now is the time! It’s a great theme for a housewarming party, a summer bbq, or a poolside party with a tropical twist. See these 5 great tips for putting together a whimsical and chic affair.

Pineapple Party Theme Inspiration!

Let’s go crazy with pineapples!  A pineapple themed party with ideas and tips! #pineappleparty

  1. Party Tablescape with Pineapple Party Ware – see this real pineapple themed party from Harper Gray
  2. Honeycomb Balls –  find more inspiration via Pretty Providence
  3. Pineapple Birthday Cake – check the sunglasses on this cool cake from Coco Cake Land!
  4. DIY Pineapple Balloons on Straws – see the tutorial on Like the Cheese
  5. Pineapple Paper Cutouts – see this from our tropical styled shoot with fruits on the Wedding Bistro at Bellenza

Are you planning a pineapple party now? Share your ideas and spread the craze!


  1. Hello! I just wrote about a pineapple party too! Very fun 😉 Found you via my comments on my blog



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