Weekly Roundup #9: Cute Halloween Costumes You Can DIY!

Looking for a DIY Halloween costume for your little lady that’s not ghoulish or gory? Perfect! That’s just what we kept our eye out for this past week, too. And we found these 5 super-creative ones that range from groovy to “edible” to oh-so-sweet! So, take your pick and get your crafty hands ready. Halloween’s just 28 days away!

Unique Little Girl Halloween Costumes to Make

DIY Halloween Costumes! SO cute! From PIzza to Disco Ball!

Huge thanks to the talented crafters behind these creations. Your imagination is our inspiration!

1 – Disco Ball Costume by Oh Happy Day
Your little one may not even know what a disco is (Mom does!). But she’ll love being the center of attention in this glitzy get-up!

2 – “Sassy Cookie” Chocolate Chip Cookie Costume by Crafted by Jen
How can anyone resist a cookie this adorable? Though no tutorial is provided, you DIYers out there can surely “bake up” your own.

3 – DIY Bag of Popcorn Costume by Aww Sam
Such a crazy, crunchy idea! Plus, as you can see, it can be made in grownup size, too. So, mother-daughter perhaps?

4 – Pizza Slice Costume by Studio DIY, via Loren’s World
This zany concept is actually half of a “Pizza Slice and Delivery Boy” couple costume. But a single slice is still so cute for your little girl!

5 – DIY Flower Basket Costume by Make It Love It
Speaking of cute, you’ll love how sweet (and simple to assemble) this “walking flower basket” is. Blooming instead of “boo”-ing!

Will we have more inspiration for Halloween parties in our next Weekly Roundup? Who knows? Drop by again next Saturday to find out!

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