See & Do: A Colorful DIY Balloon Wreath for a Birthday Party

A DIY Balloon Wreath for a Painting-themed Birthday Party. A Simple Tutorial for Making a Colorful Party Wreath Using Un-inflated Latex Balloons as Decor.

We all know balloons are an instant way to get a festive party look, right? But we dread having to inflate them. Don’t worry, this multi-colored Balloon Wreath from our Painting-themed Birthday Party set uses un-inflated balloons! So this is one definitely doable DIY project—as long as you can tie knots. Yes, it’s that easy, yet so eye-catching!

Craft a Balloon Wreath in 3 Easy Steps

Materials to prepare (*links lead to affiliate):

  1. 1 large wreath form(can be styrofoam, straw, wood or cork)
  2. 2 large packs of party balloons in assorted colors
  3. 1 decorative circular birthday sign (prepare 2 signs if the finished wreath will be visible from both sides)
  4. 1 ball of string or roll of stringing thread
  5. Scissors, glue

Procedure to follow:

Prep the wreath form with uninflated balloons.

1. Prep the wreath form – Depending on what kind of wreath form you have available (for example, a holiday wreath you plan to recycle), you may opt to cover it with a festive-colored wrap. We wrapped ours in red fabric.

Begin tying the uninflated balloons one by one to the wreath form, using the string.

2. Attach the balloons to the form – Begin tying the uninflated balloons one by one to the wreath form, using the string. Vary the colors and try not to leave any blank spaces between the balloons, to create a dense and full rainbow effect.

Note: If you plan to hang the wreath with the reverse side visible, be sure to tie balloons on the back of the form as well.

Add the accents to the balloon form.

3. Add the finishing touches – Attach the circular birthday sign to hang in the center opening of the wreath. Glue the other sign on its reverse, if the wreath will be visible from both sides. Then, tie a loop of string on the top of the wreath to be used for hanging.

2.	Attach the balloons to the form.

You’re done! Now, hang the finished Balloon Wreath where it can make the most impact at your Painting-themed Birthday Party. Where would you display this striking decor accent?

A colorful balloon wreath for an art or painting party.  It be used as a creative sign for a birthday.

We have another See & Do project from this set that you can DIY as well: a colorful “upcycled cans” centerpiece! Visit the post for the fun how-to.

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  1. What a cute wreath, this really sets the mood for a fun and colorful party! Thanks so much for sharing at Celebrate Your Story! I am pinning this to my kids’ party board.

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