See & Do: Turn Upcycled Cans into a Colorful DIY Centerpiece

As a bit of a peek into our Painting Birthday Party set (full reveal over the coming weeks!), we’re presenting a super-easy centerpiece idea you can do! With paint being the theme, we chose to use upcycled coffee tin cans wrapped in patterned paper to hold cheery flower arrangements. Nothing like festive colors and your fave florals to make a table setting party ready!

Our simple little how-to may seem like a lot of steps. But it’s actually self-explanatory—we did call this a “See & Do” post, right? So if you prefer to just eyeball it, go right ahead and make these centerpieces your way!

Upcycled Cans for A Painting-themed Party in 10 Easy Steps

 Upcycled Cans as Centerpieces for a Painting-themed Birthday Party

Materials you will need:

  • – Empty cans – 1 per party table, washed and dried thoroughly
  • – Brightly-patterned gift wrapping paper or scrapbook paper
  • – Colorful bunches of flowers – fresh or artificial
  • – Bunches of leaves (optional, if the flowers already include leaves)
  • – Small glass bottles for water, if the flowers are fresh
  • – Wooden or bamboo skewers
  • – Circle tag toppers matching the theme
  • – Small stones or pebbles as filler
  • – Faux moss (optional)
  • – Pair of scissors
  • – White glue or double-sided tape

Flowers fill an upcycled can turned into a centerpiece


  1. Measure the paper to fit like a wrap or sleeve around each can, making sure it will cover the can from the top rim to the bottom rim.
  2. Cut the paper to size and secure in place around each can using glue or double-sided tape.
  3. Take pairs of circle tags and attach them, back to back, onto the wooden or bamboo skewers with glue or double-sided tape. Set these aside.
  4. Position a bunch of flowers inside each can, checking to see the most appealing height for the flowers in proportion to the size of the can.
  5. If the flowers are fresh, include a glass bottle of water to hold them and hide this inside the can as well.
  6. Support the flower bunch and/or glass bottle in place, using enough small stones or pebbles to fill the can almost to the rim.
  7. Now, take the circle toppers on skewers and position one in each can, tucked among the flowers.
  8. For a natural look, arrange leaves around the base of each flower bunch, whether the leaves are part of the flowers or are separate.
  9. If there are gaps you’d like to fill, you may loosely spread faux moss over the top layer of stones or pebbles.
  10. Position the finished centerpieces on the party tables, adding fun touches like paint brushes, miniature wooden easels, and cupcakes frosted in bright colors like pots of paint!

Painting Birthday Party set table setting with centerpiece

An afterthought: Paint can handles

Oops! Here’s an option we missed when making these centerpieces during the shoot itself. We could have added a “handle” to each centerpiece using strips of plastic or even rope to simulate an actual paint can. Now, you can make this easy addition yourself!

Watch out for our upcoming posts featuring more of this Painting-themed birthday party set. We’ll be sharing decorating ideas, food and drinks suggestions, and favors to give!


  1. This is why save so many cans. Beautiful and easy craft, thank you!

    • Thanks Sandra! That’s definitely a reason to keep those cans!

  2. How much fun is this? This is an easy craft project to add some bright fun to your table! Perfect for a painting party! Thanks so much for sharing at Celebrate Your Story! link party. We are always glad to have you there!

    • Thanks Chloe! We’ll be sure to drop by!

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