See & Do: How to Make Fishbowl Centerpieces for a Birthday

Using more than just flowers for a birthday party centerpiece isn’t a new idea. But incorporating live fish would be pretty cool, don’t you think? We think so, too. So we’re sharing this easy how-to process for creating a Fishbowl Centerpiece in just 3 steps.

This centerpiece is featured in our Gerbera Daisies Themed Bridal Shower Tea Party – decked out in a vibrant palette of orange, lime green, and blue. A delightful splash of color and freshness that could definitely perk up birthday party tables, too, this spring and summer!

Assemble a Fishbowl Centerpiece in 3 Steps

Fishbowl Centerpiece Flower Accents in Orange

Step #1: Gather these basic materials, but feel free to substitute similar items that you may have.

  • gerbera daisy heads*
  • glass fishbowls (1 per centerpiece)
  • clear glass plates, platters or trays (1 per centerpiece)
  • clear glass pebbles or sea glass pieces
  • green marbles

(*or any sturdy flower variety that can stay fresh looking even out of water for several hours; consider succulents, too)

And of course, water and live goldfish (1 or 2 per centerpiece you intend to make)!

Floating fish with gerbera daisy heads.

Step #2: Place a fishbowl on top of a glass plate/platter/tray, and arrange 2 or 3 flower heads and a scattering of glass beads and marbles around the base of the fishbowl.

Add water, crystals or glass beads, and a glass plate to hold the bowl.

Step #3: Pour water into the fishbowl till about ¾ full. If you wish, drop in a few glass pebbles and/or marbles to line the bottom. Place 1 or 2 goldfish in each bowl, and you’re done!

Add more decorative accents like blue votive holders and escort card holders.

A variation you can try: Prepare mini fishbowls holding 1 goldfish each to complement the large centerpiece per table. Then, surprise the party guests by announcing they can take the mini bowls home as favors!

Create a Fabulous Tablescape with Fishbowl Centerpieces

The finished tablesetting is a cheerful and festive sight indeed! The fishbowl centerpieces are surrounded by glistening glass elements, while votive holders and place card holders in azure hues add even more sparkle.

Create a tablescape with a blue, green, and orange palette of hues.

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