SEE & DO: Scavenger Hunt for Kids at a Nautical Party

Hunting for “treasure” is always such a thrill for kids! So, incorporating a scavenger hunt into a nautical-themed birthday party is sure to be a hit. What’s more, it’s one party activity you can plan and set up with minimal effort – while actually having fun yourself: planning the clues, sketching the maps, finding hiding places. In this post, we’ll show you just how easy and enjoyable the setup can be, with decorating ideas, planning tips, and suggested “treasure treats” you can use as clues, prizes, party favors or all three! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Tips for Setting Up a Nautical Scavenger Hunt Station

Since the main party theme is nautical, then a scavenger hunt incorporating sailor and sailing-inspired elements opens up a lot of fun possibilities. Come see what we mean!

What you will need:

Treasure island scavenger hunt setup

#1 Party directional signs pointing the way to the “Fun and Games” and marking the starting point of the scavenger hunt (see above)

Nautical Scavenger Hunt Station with Signs

#2 Mini treasure chests, galvanized metal bucket, and fish netting via Amazon  (see above)

#3 Gold chocolate coins or any other “treasure” in mesh pouches

#4 Prepared scavenger hunt maps based on the party area, marking out the hiding places of the clues leading to the treasure (see below)

scavenger hunt maps

#5 Assorted nautical toys and treats  to serve as clues and prizes

#6 Anchor decorative prop (can be store-bought or DIY)

#7 Sand (available in fish pet stores or landscaping outlets)

#8 Assorted sea shells
a treasure hunting ship

Suggested Setup for the Scavenger Hunt

Feel free to modify these steps as you wish or to suit your party venue. But our sample here should help you get started.

spread the treasures around in mini treasure chests filled with chocolate coins

  1. Prepare the party game station by laying out a bed of sand and standing the directional signs in it.
  2. Drape the fish netting from the directional signs down to the sand.
  3. Assemble a nautical vignette at this station using the mini treasure chests holding the mesh bags of gold chocolate coins.
  4. Roll up the scavenger hunt maps, place them in the bucket, and position the bucket on the sand, too.
  5. Add a decorative anchor and scatter the seashells to complete the nautical look. Note: you can adapt this concept for a rehearsal dinner with a romantic castaway theme. A scavenger hunt is also great activity for the following themes: Moby Dick, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Treasure Island.
  6. Now, go around the party venue to hide the clues in clever spots you’ve marked on the prepared maps.

Finally, when it’s party game time, gather the kiddie guests. Explain the scavenger hunt rules. Have them each take a map from the bucket. And off they go!

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