Sweet 16 Parisian Themed Guest Book Table Inspired by Fashion!

Every Sweet 16 fashionista knows that Paris is synonymous with haute couture and the world’s most chichi designer labels. So with a Parisian theme for this milestone celebration, how fitting would it be to welcome her guests with a fashion-inspired guest book table? Our example uses iconic French references to set the chic and stylish party mood as guests arrive and write their greetings for the birthday lady. But feel free to do your own take on Paris fashion for an oh-so-trendy welcome display!

Say Welcome with LV, Hermes, Chanel and Chloé

Sweet 16 Parisian Guestbook styled shoot by the Party Suite at Bellenza

At least for one magical evening, allow the celebrant and her friends to bask in the world of fine fashion Parisian-style! One clever way to create this ambiance is to have decorative focal points, like a guest book table, that showcase French designer creations—from your choice of clothing to accessories to fragrance.

How to Set Up Your own Parisian Guestbook Station |  the Party Suite at Bellenza

Here, we show how you can welcome guests with a little help from your fashion friends! We created a tabletop grouping of designer bags to accompany a “guest book” of Monet paintings. While to simulate the look of a French sidewalk café, we positioned an actual wrought iron lamp post alongside with a customized party welcome sign! (See alternative decor ideas below.)

Parisian Sweet 16 Guestbook Table and Table Setting | the Party Suite at Bellenza

The table settings we styled included more references to fashion. We brought in fabric patterns of stripes, polka dots, and houndstooth in chic black and white. Our chair decor combined black velvet bows and strands of pearls, reminiscent of the distinct Coco Chanel look. And as part of the floral decor surrounding the Eiffel Tower centerpiece, we included antique glass-and-silver perfume bottles.

Accent pieces you can substitute!

Designer accessories – You can first try borrowing some French designer items from friends and family members. Or you can scour the thrift shops and antique stores for stylish vintage purses, scarves, hats, and fashion jewelry.

Backdrop decorations – Is a full-size lamp post out of the question? Then you might try setting up an easel and displaying a large art print with a Parisian subject (for example, sketches from a French designer’s couture collection, a facade of a quaint patisserie, a portrait of Coco Chanel, graphics of French poodles or the Paris Metro).

Centerpiece elements – If an Eiffel Tower replica also proves difficult to source, why not consider a hanging decor accent with pearls and sparkly crystals or a tall vase holding 4 or 5 white ostrich feathers?

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  1. This is amazing just love the details and the vintage look perfect what a fun Sweet 16 Memory for all!

    • Hi Susan! Thanks for stopping by!

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