Tips on How to Decorate Wine Bottles and Drinks for the Holidays

Next to decor and food, holiday beverages are definite essentials at any Christmas event. So you may as well make them serve a double purpose—as part of the yuletide menu and as decorative accents at the party! Check out our fun tips below for giving your wine bottles and drinks that extra festive flair, whether bottled or in glasses. Cheers!

Holiday Accents for Dressing Up Wine Bottles

Tips for decorating wine bottles for Christmas as gifts

Planning to display bottled wine or champagne at your Christmas gatherings? Or giving them as holiday gifts? Dress them up in these creative ways:

  1. Give the bottles a cozy look with mini knitted ‘mufflers’ around their necks.
  2. Hang small Christmas ornaments on cord or ribbon, and add a festive tag.
  3. Give them a playful spin by naming the bottles based on a Christmas theme.
  4. Attach a card suggesting food pairings with that particular wine, or a cocktail recipe using that champagne.
  5. Make the bottles gift-ready in decorative wine bags—from burlap sacks to glittery pouches to furoshiki wraps!

Decorative Ideas for Spicing Up Wine Glasses

Accents for decorating wine glasses during Christmas

At the party itself, get your wine glasses in on the decorating fun with accents like these:

  1. Make DIY charms for the glass stems using jingle bells, ribbons, bits of tinsel, even tiny candy canes.
  2. Pretty up the glass rims with flavored sugars or colorful sprinkles.
  3. Add holiday-themed straws and swizzle sticks (no matter if the drinks don’t really need stirring!).
  4. Give them a fancy look with gold-dipping or spray-on glitter.
  5. Present the drinks on festive trays decorated with baubles and tinsel.

Where to Buy?

Wondering where to obtain the materials for decorating wine bottles and drinks, our team recommends these finds:

Wine Accessories – visit World Market
Jingle Bells – visit Hobby Lobby
Chenille Stems – visit Michaels Stores
Gold Rimming Sugar – visit Dell Cove Spices
Spray-on Glitter – visit Walmart

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