Tutorial: A Sweet 16 Celebrant’s Chair for a Princess Themed Party

Your Sweet 16 celebration is the perfect opportunity to be a princess for a day! And every princess should have her own regal throne—in this case, a party chair decorated especially for her. All you need are just two basic embellishments—strands of lustrous faux pearls and yards of pink satin ribbon. And in this tutorial, a regular chiavari chair is transformed into the most elegant seat at the party!

From Party Chair to a Throne Fit for a Princess

Step #1: Prepare the needed materials.

Materials for decorating your sweet 16th celebrant's chair with a princess theme.

Aside from a chiavari chair, you will need just five items:
– 4 to 5 yards of faux pearl strands
– 6 yards of 2″ pink satin ribbon
– 1 yard of 1/4″ pink satin ribbon
– fine crafting wire
– a pair of scissors

Step #2: Measure out the strands of pearls.

– Hold one strand of pearls up in a hanging loop against the chair’s backrest.
– Estimate the length needed for the longest section of pearls to hang behind the chair.
– Mark this length with your fingers (do not cut the pearl strand).

Step #3: Create graduated loops of pearls.

– On a table, lay out the length of pearls that you have measured for the longest loop.
– Proceed to lay out other loops of pearls—each one slightly shorter than the one before it—by simply folding the pearl strand back and forth.
– Continue until you have completed about 8 loops of pearls, graduated in length.

Step #4: Secure the pearl loops with wire.

– Take a length of crafting wire, and slip it around the pearl strands at the point where they all meet.
– Fold and twist the wire two or three times to secure the position of the pearl strands.
– Do not cut off the excess wire.

Step #5: Inspect the finished pearl loops.

– Hold the finished loops of pearls up to check that they drape properly in graduated lengths.
– Make adjustments, if necessary.
– Then, create bows out of the ribbon (see next steps).

Step #6: Create the bows for the chairs.

Steps for decorating a sweet 16th celebrant's chair with bows.

– Make two large bows out of the 2″ pink satin ribbon, leaving about 18″ of ribbon loose for draping.
– Start by creating a series of loops.
– Gather the loops at their mid-point, then twist a wire around this point to hold them together.
– Cut some of the wire off, but leave some allowance.
– Hide the wire with a length of 1/4″ pink satin ribbon. Knot tightly, leaving some excess ribbon for the next step.

Step #7: Add the finished bows to the pearl strands and attach these to the chair back.

Tie the pearl strands to the two outer corners of the chair back - sweet 16 chair

– Using the excess wire on the pearl strands you’ve prepared, attach the finished bows to the pearls. Twist the wire a few times to secure the bows in place.
– Then, using the excess 1/4″ ribbon around the bows, tie the pearl strands to the two outer corners of the chair back.

Step #8: Place the finishing touches.

Make two large bows at the ends of each chair.

– Trim the ribbon ends hanging down from the 2 large bows. Hint: Make them different lengths to add grace and style to the chair.
– Finally, fluff up the bows and check the pearl strands for any tangles—and the “princess chair” is ready to take its place at the Sweet 16 party!

Come celebration time, you’ve got a lovely party chair transformed into a throne fit for a princess!

Tutorial: a Sweet 16 Pearl-adorned chair made with pearl strands and pink ribbons.


  1. This looks amazing! Pinned. Please come and party with us tonight at 7 pm. It just wouldn’t be a party without you! http://loulougirls.blogspot.com
    Happy Labor Day! Lou Lou Girls

  2. I love the special touch of the pearls! Thank you for linking up to Party Time and we hope to see you again next week!

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