Valentine’s Donuts and Coffee Party Decorations to Get Love Brewing!

Goodness, the Christmas decorations have just been packed away and we’re already dreaming up Valentine’s Day party ideas! And for an instantly lovable party theme for the Day of Hearts, we turned to one (or should we say, two?) of our favorites—donuts and coffee!

In case you haven’t noticed, we have a thing for donuts and coffee. We’ve written posts on a glam donut party, heart-shaped donut recipes, even Valentine’s Day coffee mugs to give as gifts. Not only do these two make a perfect pair, but they are actually so easy to assemble into the most appealing party display. So hurry and get love brewing this 14th of February with these delightfully doable Valentine’s donut and coffee party decorating ideas!

Decor Elements for a LOVE-ly Donut Display and Coffee Bar

We’ve picked the highlights to share with you from each of these Valentine’s themed features. So you can choose what will work for your own Love Day celebration.

Donuts’ Display Ideas

Valentine donut display and stands

1 – This Valentine’s donut party display from Moms and Munchkins is set up as a “donut bar or buffet” idea with fun choices of toppings and sprinkles. And the backdrop gets easy impact with festive paper fans!

2 – Simply stack up heart-shaped donuts on a tiered pastry stand, add lots of sprinkles, and you’ll have an eye-catching DIY heart donut tower as a party centerpiece! Cute idea from Dunkin’ Donuts.

3 – Your guests will be thrilled to take their party treats from this adorable DIY heart donut pegboard we found on Awwsam (check out the tutorial). It’s a decor piece and serving station in one!

4 – Another fab way to create instant impact? See how The Party Darling combined a balloon garland and an inflatable donut into a donut party backdrop with matching plates, napkins, cups, and straws!

5 – Create a fun retro spin with this Cupid’s Diner Valentine’s brunch setup from Alison of Just Add Confetti (created for Oriental Trading). It comes complete with themed printables for all the party details.

6 – A Valentine’s treat table from Our Thrifty Ideas, all for less than $5. Home baked mini donuts and cupcakes, packs of sixlets, a cute pink mailbox with washi tape bunting, some sprinkles and a doily or two. Done!

Valentine’s Themed Coffee Bar Ideas

Combine your donuts display with an inviting Valentine’s themed coffee bar, and you’ll be party-ready in a snap! (Handy hint: Reuse the red serveware and decor pieces from your holiday coffee bar. They’ll be perfect touches for Valentine’s, too!)

Valentine coffee displays

1 – Simple, sweet touches make this Valentine’s Day coffee bar from Coffee, Pancakes, & Dreams so charming—the heart banner strung across the kitchen shelves, the heart-shaped doilies on the wall, and the pops of red and pink.

2 – Tiffany of Lake Life State of Mind pulled together her whimsical heart-themed collectibles and arranged them on the overhead shelves and a tiered tray. And voila! Her regular bar is transformed into a lighthearted Valentine’s coffee bar display.

3 – Glitter on a Dime has a “personalized” take on a Valentine coffee and hot cocoa bar. Family photos mounted on the wall and cut out for a heart banner make this a welcoming spot for a cup of coffee or cocoa.

4 – Craft an instant decor accent for your Valentine’s coffee station, with this DIY farmhouse coffee bar sign tutorial from Press Print Party. Just print out your graphics or wording, then Mod Podge it onto a ready-made block of wood, and you’re done.

5 – This bright little Valentine’s Day coffee bar from Robyn’s Southern Nest uses white and neutrals to create a quaint farmhouse kitchen feel. The decorative details are so pretty, yet budget-friendly!

6 – Got just a tight spot for a Valentine coffee nook? See how Our Clover House created the cutest “brewing bar” with just a few red accent pieces on a tiered tray, and a few sprigs of eucalyptus.

All ready now for your Donuts and Coffee Valentine’s Day party!