Vintage-inspired Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day: DIY-inspired!

A sentimental occasion like Mother’s Day is perfect for giving the most special woman in your life something nostalgic and vintage-inspired. From her favorite poem to a fancy jeweled pen to a selection of pampering products all beautifully packaged, we’ve gathered 6 charming gift ideas for Mom. Best of all, each one is DIYable. So she’s sure to be extra delighted!

Vintage-inspired Gift Ideas that are DIY-inspired!

1 – Victorian-style Hatbox of Gifts

Make a hatbox filled with Vintage-inspired treats and goodies.

Take a round papier mache lidded box that can be bought at a craft store or online, cover it in powder pink fabric and trim it with black lace cutouts. Then fill it with gift items you know Mom will love: an ivory picture frame, a bundle of perfumed soaps, a pomander sachet of potpourri, a woven heart box of tea cookies. (For an easy how-to for the hatbox, visit here.) You can purchase a plain hat box (*Amazon affiliate) online.

2 – A Spa in a Box of Pampering Products

Give a spa in a box containing spa gifts like candles, soaps, and scented sachets.

Treat your mother to spa-type luxury with a lavender theme! Bundle up a floral-embossed candle or a bottle of lavender lotion in a silky fabric wrap, accompanied by tea bags in a dainty lavender embroidered pouch and a heart-shaped silver box of mints—all presented in a round lidded box trimmed with purple ribbon.

3 – Rhinestone-covered Pen

Rhinestone-covered Pen for Writing Notes.

Gift Mom with some vintage glam! Surprise her with this movie star-worthy pen covered in rhinestones, presented in a velvet box. Believe it or not, you can DIY this (our how-to is coming soon)!

4 – Verses on a Vintage Tea Service

Verses on a Vintage Tea Service of Her Favorite Afternoon Goodies.

If poetry has a special place in your mom’s heart, why not gift her with a customized calligraphy print of her favorite verses? Present it on with an elegant English tea service, along with heart-shaped sugar cubes and delicate shortbread cookies (*Amazon affiliate).

5 – Multiple Presents in Luxurious Packaging

Vintage-inspired gift packaging for boxes and and bottles.

Give her the thrill of opening not just one, but several Mother’s Day gifts—each lovingly chosen and gorgeously wrapped. Using scraps of silk, satin and lace, hair ribbons, brooches, strands of faux pearls, and sheer organza rounds, we show you here how you can add instant luxe to any present!

6 – Venetian Masquerade Ball Mask

Venetian Masquerade Ball Mask

Has your mom always dreamed of the romance of Venice in the era of masquerade balls? Make a stunning mask for her, all glittered and feathered—and perhaps tuck in the surprise of airline tickets for two on a Venetian holiday?

We hope you liked our Mother’s Day gift inspiration! Mom certainly deserves some old-fashioned, vintage loving on this special occasion, don’t you agree?

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