Fall Favor Packaging: 22 DIY Ideas for Autumn Parties!

With all the fall celebrations coming up—from birthday parties to baby showers to Thanksgiving—you’re sure to be needing creative favor packaging ideas. So we scoured the web for inspiration that’s quick, easy, affordable and yet brimming with autumn’s rustic, natural charm. You’ll love these 22 creative packaging examples we found, ranging from bags to bottles to boxes. Each one is totally DIYable and perfect for presenting guests with awesome autumn favors!

Fall Party Favor Bags and Tags

Autumn-inspired favor bags, wraps, and tags // Curated Finds by Bellenza.

When it comes to bagging your autumn gifts and favors, mini burlap sacks (1) are a great favorite. Just the thing for giving caramel apple ingredients, coffee beans, mixed nuts, and apple cider mix!

Favor pouches in muslin (6) or sheer embroidered organza (7) are lovely for holding home-baked cookies or autumn potpourri.

While ideas as simple as a band of patterned paper (4) around handmade pumpkin spice soaps, or the easiest cello bags or cones holding “Happy Trails” mix (2), winter berry granola (3), or camping-themed cookies (5) can be dressed up with the cutest printable tags!

Credits: 1 – Mountain Living / 2 – A Little Insanity / 3 – Always Order Dessert / 4 – Happiness is Homemade / 5 – Nico and Lala / 6 – My Design Dump / 7 – Bellenza

Fall Favors in Bottles, Jars and Buckets

Fall favors in bottles, jars, and mini buckets // Curated Finds by Bellenza.

Well-loved fall munchies and treats make the easiest favor options ever! Just present them in clever and charming containers. Think sweet and spicy rosemary nuts in mini espresso or shot glasses (1), S’mores trail mix in mason jars trimmed with customized chalkboard labels (7), and S’mores ingredients in mini tin buckets with a campfire theme (3)!

Give bottles of honey (2) a quaint finish with kraft paper “caps” and DIY beaded leaf tags. Layer creamy pumpkin-pie-in-a-jar (5) for an easy take-away treat. Or gift guests with your favorite blend of cooking spices presented in mini spice bottles (see our how-to here).

For non-edible favors, surprise guests with homemade sugar scrubs in canning jars. For a pumpkin pie sugar scrub, use petite glass jars and the cutest printable labels and tags (4); while for a cinnamon sugar scrub, present the jars with cinnamon sticks tied with twine (6).

Credits: 1 – Tastes Lovely / 2 – Bellenza / 3 – Michelle’s Party Plan-it / 4 – Pitter and Glink / 5 – Hungry Couple NYC / 6 – Consumer Crafts / 7 – Evermine

Fall Favors in Boxes and Baskets

Fall favors like nuts, pie, and donuts in creative favor boxes

If you plan to give odd-shaped or delicate edibles as favors, boxes and baskets provide sturdy protection—while being pretty, too!

Just look at these well-loved fall classics so delightfully packaged: peanut brittle in heart-shaped woven boxes (2), pretzels in brightly colored snack boxes trimmed with autumn leaf tags (3), caramel apples in clever die-cut fold-up packaging (4), mini apple pies in adorable pie boxes with window lids (5), home-baked muffins in recycled egg cartons (6), and apple cider and donuts in berry baskets (7).

And for non-edible favors like autumn potpourri, spice-scented candles, flower bulbs for planting and the like, why not craft your own origami-inspired gift boxes (1) using vintage patterned board, or DIY cardboard pouches made from toilet paper rolls (8)!

Credits: 1 – Gingersnap Crafts / 2 – Bellenza / 3 – A to Zebra Celebrations / 4 – Nutmeg Creations / 5 – Weddingstar (*affiliate link) / 6 – L’Art de la Curiosite / 7 – Think Garnish / 8 – Freckled Fawn, via Paige’s Party Ideas

Wouldn’t you just love to give and receive fall favors this creatively packaged? We know we would! Leave us a comment to let us know your favorites from our 22 picks!

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