Fall Potpourri Hostess Gift Ideas to Buy or Make

Give the perfect hostess gift this season with a fragrant fall potpourri mix that evokes the wonderful aromas of such spices as cinnamon, cardamom, and pumpkin spice. Whether you choose to make or buy a fall potpourri mix, let our favorite finds below guide your sense of smell in the right direction! Pick your favorite potpourri blend and surprise your host or hostess! *This post contains affiliate links.

10 Aromatic Fall Potpourri Mixes to Buy or Make at Home

These aromatic potpourri blends will surely make any home feel like autumn. To present it as a gift, you can use any of the following containers:

  1. A large wooden bowl or long wooden tray wrapped with cello and a ribbon
  2. A shapely glass bowl or fish bowl tied with raffia and a gift tag
  3. A mini galvanized bucket with a handwritten note and gingham ribbon
  4. A sachet made of fabric like organza that has a gift tag
  5. A woven basket or box wrapped up in fabric

Now that we have given you a short list of packaging and presentation ideas, here is the list of potpourri ideas:

10 fragrant fall potpurri gift ideas to make or buy for the perfect hostess gift.

1 – Spiced cake potpourri mix
Scent mix: pumpkin spiced with ginger, cloverleaf, cinnamon, nutmeg and coriander.
Where to buy: available through Pier 1 (*affiliate link).

2 – Sweet caramel pumpkin potpourri mix
Scent mix: a combination of pumpkin, orange, and peach that is infused with a blend of creamy milk, caramel, and vanilla. Almond and coconut are included for enhancement. Then, spices like cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and tamarind are added.
Where to buy: available through Pier 1  (*affiliate link).

3 – Autumn harvest potpourri in a bag
Scent mix: consists of fall leaves, pinecones, mini pumpkins, dried apples, oak moss, sweet spice, and hints of cinnamon and pumpkin.
Where to buy: available at Amazon  (*affiliate link).

4 – Pumpkin harvest potpourri
Scent mix:  fall colored mini pumpkin putka pods that are infused with a pumpkin harvest fragrance.
Where to buy: available at Amazon  (*affiliate link).

5 – Pumpkin spice potpourri
Scent mix: fall elements like maple leaves and Indian corn are infused with pumpkin spice.
Where to buy: available at Amazon  (*affiliate link).

6 – DIY fall scents with dried fruits and nuts
Scent mix: an aromatic combination of dried fruits like apple and orange slices, nuts with shells, cloves, and pine cones are just a few of the ingredients that are infused with essential oils like cinnamon, orange, pine, and cedar wood.
Get the recipe: Hello Glow

7 – DIY fall potpourri in a jar with printable tag
Scent mix: a fragrant mix of dried apples, oranges, and lemons with vanilla, whole cloves, nutmeg, coriander seeds, and cinnamon sticks. Presented in a mason jar with a burlap lid, twine, and pretty fall tag.
Get the recipe: REAL HOUSEMOMS

8 – Harvest potpourri
Scent mix: a fragrant mix of vanilla bean, nutmeg, crystallized ginger, whole clovers, allspice, cinnamon sticks, dried orange peels, and anise stars.
Get the recipe: StoneGable

9 – DIY dry potpourri
Scent mix: blend of vanilla extract, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and optional dried flower petals can be added to this simple recipe of just 4 ingredients.
Get the recipe: Miss Wish

10 – Stovetop potpourri recipe with printable
Scent mix: a simple blend of 4 ingredients that are mixed with water consisting of orange, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and cranberries.
Get the recipe: Liz on Call

Looking for other nice hostess gift ideas? How about fall or Thanksgiving treats made with pumpkin spice!

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