Tres Chic! Lovely Favor Ideas for a Parisian Sweet 16!

Is your daughter all excited to go stylish and sophisticated for her Sweet 16 celebration? Well, have we got the perfect party theme for her—the incomparable City of Lights, Paris! You can’t get much more chic than an intimate soiree all dolled up in black, white, and pink table decor, with French-inspired accents. So, of course, the Sweet 16 favors should be just as pretty and, well, Parisian! Knowing that your birthday girl is now a young lady, we put together a few favor ideas that combine childhood sweetness with a more grownup flair. Survey the selection and see which one makes you say “Oo la la!”

Something Practical and Pretty for Guests

Pink favor boxes and picture frame favor

Present each guest with an intriguingly packaged gift on her plate. Here, we used heart boxes in a hip fuchsia color. Then, we finished each one with a sweet pink bow and favor tag. What could the treat inside be?, they’ll all be wondering. Something delectably French, of course! You could surprise them with wonderfully chewy French nougats, delicate marzipan confections called Calisson de’Aix, or decadent chocolate disks known as mendiants. And of course, you could always opt for the renowned French macarons, but in mini size to fit your favor containers! Hint: Present them at the guest place settings to complement the color palette of the event.

Young people nowadays may be all into digital pics. But for such a precious milestone as a 16th birthday, the party girl can be “old school” for once and gift each guest with a petite frame. As pictures are snapped away at the party, they can be insta-printed on photo paper (courtesy of a home computer and printer) and given to each departing guest to tuck into her keepsake frame! Hint: A trendy idea is to incorporate a birthday photo booth at the party. You can set this up with props, costumes, and other fashionable items. Guests will be thrilled at such fun. Plus, it adds an interactive nature to the event. Curious about how to set this up? See ideas for a photo booth!

Ladylike Purses Filled With Candies

Tulle, lace purse favor bag with sweets
Young ladies, though they may be, the party guests will still surely enjoy some candy treats—and special French ones at that! So we thought that dainty Victorian-style purses made of tulle, lace, and pearls would make the loveliest containers for giving any of these sweets:

  1. Berlingots – traditional French hard candies with a strong fruity flavor, that also come in a pretty assortment of colors
  2. Pates de fruits – chewy, intensely fruity candy condensed from fruit puree
  3. French mint candy – also popular as wedding favors and can be ordered in pretty vintage-style tins
  4. Anise candy – each made with an anise seed covered in layers of sugar syrup to make a smooth delicacy; also comes in licorice, rose, mint, and orange flavors
  5. Nougat chews – nutty-flavored confections made with almonds, pistachios, honey, and egg whites
  6. Lavender candy – another hard candy made with essential lavender oils
  7. Licorice drops – the famed La Cachou Lajaunie brand comes in its signature yellow tin, highly popular in France
  8. Pastel-colored French dragees – also known as Jordan almonds, these can be selected in their pink variety to match the Parisian color palette
  9. Gourmet French chocolates – high-quality artisan chocolates that can be ordered by the box and re-packaged in favor bags

Dainty Sachets with Sweet Surprises

Pink sachet bag with roses

How gorgeously Parisian are these pink sachets! So pretty that they can be keepsakes themselves, they can also hold scented items and small gifts like these for the party guests:

  • Lavender buds can be purchased by the ounce (see source below) and tucked into these sachets to make the most fragrant accessories and lingerie drawer fresheners.
  • Dainty silver trinkets in the shape of French poodles or the Eiffel Tower would be wonderful party mementos.
  • Cameo pendants or sweet heart-shaped or oval lockets could be special keepsakes among the celebrant’s closest friends.
  • Tiny vials of French eau de cologne, each tied with a little pink ribbon, are an option too sweet not to consider.

French Madeleines in Luxurious Packaging

Madeleines favors

The young guests may have grown up watching the French-inspired cartoon series Madeleine. Well, they can relive the fond memories with the classic French cookies by the same name. Madeleines are delicate confections known for their elongated shell shape and spongy consistency flavored with lemon or orange flower water.

To give them as favors, simply package and present them in shimmering wraps. Position one on each place setting and add a quaint Parisian accent, like a mini Eiffel Tower (we took ours from a fancy bag charm!) or a pink gift tag saying, “Merci!”


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