Something is About to Pop: Cake Pops for an Easter Baby Shower

Wondering what favors to give at a baby shower within the Easter season? Well, you can never go wrong with something delicious, easy to hand out individually, and beautifully decorated to match your theme. Could we be talking cake pops here? You bet we are! And what amazing variations we found to share with you today—some more Easter-like, others all about baby. But each one as cute as can be, in honor of the little one soon to be born!

Find Your Favorite Cake Pop for an Easter Baby Shower!

Easter cake pops for baby shower from fun chicks to colorful egg shaped cake pops

1 – Baby face cake pops? Why not! Facial features are decorated onto basic cake pops, then mini candy ‘pacifiers’ and baby bonnets made from paper baking cups are added. So cute and clever! Credit for this Pinterest image is given to The Little Bun Company, but we’re sorry we can’t find the source post.

2 – These tiny ‘hatchling eggs’ are just adorable—with their soft blue color, the ‘cracks’ in their shells, and the little chocolate nests! Okay, they may not technically be cake pops since they’re not on sticks. But we just thank Jasmin of 1 Fine Cookie for sharing her tutorial for these cuties. She even made cookies to match!

3 – Who says cake pops need to be round? Here, they’re re-shaped into Easter eggs and covered with colored sugar and pastel sprinkles. Originally from Modern Foodie (found via Mira Uncut), they seem all ready for an Easter egg hunt displayed atop a bed of faux grass!

4 – More hatching! This time with sweet yellow chick cake pops breaking out of white sugar paste fondant eggshells. They’re even displayed in an egg carton! The full how-to is posted on Bird’s Party blog, so you can recreate these little darlings as your shower favors.

5 – Like little pieces of a spring garden, these flowery cake pops we found via Pinterest are sure to be a hit with guests. Love the dainty sugar flowers in different pastel colors with a sprinkling of tiny pink pearls! (Note: If these were made by you or by someone you know, please let us know so we can give due credit.)

6 – Baby bottles on sticks! Yes, these were ingeniously crafted by Vanessa of The Sew*er, The Caker, The Copycat Maker from Oreo truffle dough and lifesaver gummies—all dipped in white then pink melted chocolate. Amazing what different forms cake ‘balls’ can take, right?!


  1. So cute!

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