Oh, Sweet Baby! A Dessert Table for a Summer Baby Shower!

Using the theme of “The stork is coming!,” we’re excited to showcase our baby shower dessert table with a fresh garden inspiration for an outdoor summer party. To start, we show you how to put together sweet and simple details to create that perfect display. In this pretty theme, you can include all the sugary, pastel-colored treats you want and display them in a dainty, flowery setting. Come take a closer look at all the delightful details!

Pink, White, and Yellow Palette of Details

Pastel pink and yellow marshmallow pops

Now’s your chance to indulge your pastel passion! Inspired by the colors of a flower-filled summer garden, the entire dessert table is anchored on soft shades of pink, yellow, and blue—with accents of fresh greens and neutral white and ivory. You can see these in:

  1. the country-style table painted with clusters of colorful flowers on a golden yellow background
  2. ceramic cake stands in pale pink and white displaying donuts, wafers, and macarons
  3. a vintage milk-glass vase holding pink-and-yellow marshmallow swirly pops
  4. bunches of fresh flowers in tea cups, glass goblets, and doily cones

Pretty Treats on Display

Butter cookies, chocolate wafers, donuts

One secret to appealing, yet affordable party planning is “store-bought can be styled!” And our dessert table treats are a perfect example:

Marshmallows, Japanese pink candies, and sugar straws

  1. Even the most inexpensive candies and sweets bought at your neighborhood grocery—like hard candies, gumballs, jelly beans, mini marshmallows, and sticks of fruit-flavored powder—can be made to look special.
  2. Choose those that are all within your intended party palette.
  3. Take the sweets out of their commercial packaging.
  4. Transfer them into interesting containers, like quaint little glass jars, vintage milk bottles, woven baskets, glass goblets, crystal candy dishes, even dainty tea cups.

Add Floral Touches That Say “Summer!”

Finally, keep in mind that this is a summer garden theme. So think flowers, flowers everywhere—including this dessert table!
As you decorate the guest tables with fresh flowers, set aside a few blooms. Devise creative ways to incorporate these among the goodies on display, like these delicate French macarons on a cake stand and mini meringue kisses in a paper-topped jar.

Ideas to try: Place flowers inside stacked tea cups, atop stemmed candle holders lined with paper doilies, in globe vases, in clay urns, or even simply tied into dainty little bunches with ribbon.

Pink and white macarons

Now, that sounds totally doable and fun, right? Our key tips:

  1. stick to the pastel palette
  2. feel free to use store-bought treats
  3. use charming containers that you already have
  4. remember: flowers, flowers, flowers!

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