Casino Night Birthday Party for Adults: Budget Friendly Yet Stylish!

A casino-themed birthday party may seem like an event just for high rollers. But it can actually be quite affordable and doable! You can create that snazzy Vegas look with a striking black, red, and white color scheme, decorations assembled from iconic casino accessories, and food and sweets labels that are a clever play on gambling terms. Beat the odds with winning party ideas like those we’ve gathered here. Then, planning a casino theme need not be a game of chance after all! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Send Out Cool Casino Party Invitations

Get the word out about this exciting event with specially designed invitations featuring playing cards, dice, and gambling chips. Choose from ones you can personalize or handy fill-in-the-blanks invites that come in sets.


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Casino-themed Decorations You Can DIY

You’ll be amazed at how doable your party decorations can be. It just takes some creativity and whatever gambling elements and novelties you have or can buy!


Assemble a centerpiece (1) for each guest table using playing cards and play money arranged in tin pails, with stacks of poker chips, dice, and other accessories alongside.

The birthday cake (2) can be a simple, home-baked chocolate one. But then present it with flair on a 3-tiered cake stand, with Oreo cookies piled on the lower tiers to resemble gambling chips or cash winnings!

For the entryway welcome display (3), wow guests with oversize dice that you can rent from a party supply vendor or find a way to craft your own.

Then, of course, the different display tables – a sweets or dessert station (4), a drinks bar (5), and a favor table (6) – can incorporate even more of the casino elements. Think party bunting made of playing cards, martini glasses holding dice and chips, table linens with card-suit patterns, and signage and serve ware all in black, red, and white.

Sources: 1 – A Party Style / 2 – Paging Supermom / 3 – Casino Knights Inc. / 4 – Nothing Bakes Like a Parrot / 5 – A Joyful Riot / 6 – Every Little Detail Event Planning and Design

Casino Party Menu a la Vegas

Even your food spread can be a play on the Las Vegas gambling world. You can opt to go fancy with one or two dishes, then offer popular finger foods, snacks, and dips – just very wittily named!


If you choose the simpler approach, treat your guests to appetizers like your own concoction of casino snack mix (1) and a fun dice-shaped cheese “ball” (9). For main dishes, have them serve themselves from a sandwich buffet (3) with playing card food labels, plus trays of Black Jack Chicken (OR Jackpot Skewers) (4) and fruit skewers (6) dressed up with playing cards.

If you’re looking to simulate more fancy casino fare, serve up classic shrimp cocktails (2) in martini glasses or a variation of shrimp, avocado, and tomatoes tossed with a tangy “Sin City Dip” (8). Prepare your favorite steak recipe to be presented as “High Steaks” (5) on the food buffet, along with vol-au-vents (puff pastry) with cream cheese and caviar (7) in the color motif of red and black.

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All-in-Fun Casino Party Favors

With a theme as popular as this, everything from novelty items to casino-inspired packaging are just a few clicks away online. Here are our picks for party favors to choose from!


1 – Dice favor boxes (3 per pack) (*affiliate link from Windy City Novelties)

2 – Playing Cards, Poker Size Standard Index (12 decks) (*affiliate link from Amazon)

3 – Credit Card Size Casino Bottle Opener (*affiliate link from Amazon)

4 – Las Vegas Casino Hershey’s Kisses stickers (*affiliate link from Amazon)

5 – Casino coasters (8 pack) (*affiliate link from Windy City Novelties)

6 – LED Las Vegas Hat (*affiliate link from Windy City Novelties)

7 – Themed Wrapped Soft Mints – Poker (*affiliate link from Amazon)

8 – Las Vegas – Casino Party Favor Boxes (set of 12) (*affiliate link from Amazon)

9 – Money bag (*affiliate link from Windy City Novelties)

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