How to Deal with the “No Birthday” Celebrant

Know anyone who’s a birthday Scrooge? Maybe your spouse, sibling, friend or co-worker who’d rather avoid the fuss and attention of being honored on his or her special day? Well, we say, go ahead and mark the occasion anyway! Just do so in ways that you can spring on the reluctant celebrant so there’s no chance to object, or that are so simple, private, and meaningful that he or she will secretly love it. Need some ideas? Read on!

Subtle Celebration Ideas for a “No Birthday” Person

No-fuss ways to make the “non-celebrant” feel special on his/her birthday:

1. Prepare a breakfast-in-bed treat.

2. Whisk him/her away to an impromptu picnic in a nearby park.

3. Chill at home and just watch a movie, play board games, and have wine & cheese.

4. Take a day-trip to a nearby orchard or vineyard for a great al fresco meal.

5. Do a photo tour of a nearby natural, cultural, or historical landmark.

6. Take him/her on a shopping trip for “wish list” gifts.

7. Gather 3 to 4 close friends to enjoy a bowling, basketball, badminton or billiards night.

8. Hold a cooking session with some favorite recipes, and enjoy the resulting meal together.

9. Send her/him off to enjoy a gym or spa package on you.

10. Set up a “surprise meet-up” with a family member or old friend he/she has been wanting to see for years!

Keep the Day Simple, Stress-free, and Subtle

The best way to deal with someone who hates celebrating their birthday is to simply not mention the word “birthday” at all. Just make it look like any other day with perhaps some special, subtle details. Simple things like eating Oreos, enjoying a beer together, or just shooting the breeze on the front porch together is enough. The day doesn’t have to be complicated and formal. Just stress-free!

Non-birthday Gift Ideas for the Celebrant

What about a present for the birthday Scrooge? Go ahead and buy one, too! He or she will surely appreciate a well-chosen, practical gift like one of these. Do remember that it may be best to give this gift on a different day to keep things informal. (*affiliate links)

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