How to Decorate your Valentine’s Tablescapes by Style: From Modern to Vintage

Must your Valentine’s party tablescape be purely red and white? And must there be hearts and cupids everywhere? Let our tablescape inspiration from our own styled sets help you answer that! From modern to floral to dramatic to elegant to romantic (of course!), the possible styles are truly varied. Just see what would work best for your party venue and available space, your guest list, and your own personal entertaining style. Come take a look!

Modern Art Style Tablescape

Modern Art Style Tablescape with Pops of Hot Pink

Pop art inspiration—with a nod to Andy Warhol, no less—could be a hip surprise for your Valentine’s party tablescape. It all starts with a palette of bold hues like fuchsia, orange, chartreuse, and yellow contrasted with black. Graphic art details are incorporated in the centerpiece assembled from floral-painted multi-colored cubes matching the wall mural. DIY votive holders, hot pink bead napkin rings, and guest favors in heart-shaped woven boxes complete the party look.

Flower Garden-inspired Tablescape

Whimsical garden Valentine's tablescape

Spring may be some time away from Valentine’s Day. But it’s never too early to decorate your party tables in flower garden style. Here, the floral motif is set by using shades of pink, from a fuchsia tablecloth to blush pink napkins. The centerpiece was a composite of mini rose flower pots topped with bumble bee cards, encircling a grouping of white rose-embossed candles. And at each guest’s place setting, a favor awaits—porcelain keepsake boxes wrapped in dainty pink organza.

A Dramatic Spanish-inspired Red and Black Tablescape

Dramatic Spanish red and black tablesetting

Want to give your Valentine’s dinner table some dramatic Spanish flair? See how we used a palette of red, black, and gold in striking ways. For chair decor, deep red cabbage roses reference those a flamenco dancer would have tucked behind one ear, while a black lace runner echoes a Castilian mantilla (shawl). Gold candelabra and gold napkin accents lend elegant touches. And finally, red fabric wrapped favors on each plate complete the drama.

An Eclectic Vintage Glam Tablescape

Violet and black with red roses tablescape

For something truly different, why not go for a vintage glam table setting for Valentine’s? The red cabbage roses still adorn the guest chairs. But now, a faux fur runner gives the table a slightly “goth” look—complemented by DIY candle cubes with gold heart cutouts and violet heart boxes bundled up in purple wraps.

Parisian-inspired Tablescape

Parisian Houndstooth in black and pink accents tablescape

A tablescape inspired by the City of Lights has instant romance in the air! A tres chic color scheme of black, white, and blush pink pulls in fashion touches, too—a mix of polka dots, stripes, and houndstooth patterns in black and white, with large black bows and strands of pearls for chair decor. For a vignette-style centerpiece, an assortment of fresh pink blooms, cloches holding macarons, and tea lights in silver holders surround an Eiffel Tower model. Oo la la indeed! (For Parisian-themed favor ideas, visit our related post here.)

A Modern Red and Black Tablescape

Vintage black and red tablescape with roses and damask tablecloth

Aside from the Spanish-inspired look above, a red and black tablescape can also create a modern-romantic effect. Here, we styled a trendy take on elegance with towering glass candle holders and cylinder vases draped with pearls, surrounded by red paper flowers. Lining the table from end to end is a stunning laser-cut runner in black, while acrylic “ghost” chairs complete the modern vibe perfectly.

A Chic & Simple Red and White Tablescape

Simple, modern red and white tablescape with just a hint of roses

Finally, a red and white table setting for Valentine’s! And one that’s nice and simple, so you can pull it together in minutes—but with some hip styling ideas that give it an edge. Note, for instance, the red beaded votive holders that you can actually DIY and re-use on other occasions. Then, the chicken wire “sleeves” for white rose candles contrasted with romantic vintage rose bags holding guest favors.

Feeling adventurous now about styling your Valentine’s party tables? Which look will you go for?

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