Feliz Navidad! A Spanish-inspired Christmas Party Guide

For many families of Hispanic descent in the U.S., the holidays surely make you feel nostalgic for Christmas back home in Spain or other Latin countries. So the season’s revelry provides the perfect reason to throw a party! Inspired, of course, by Spanish decorations, cuisine and confections. In fact, the details we present here are so festive, you may find yourself considering a Spanish-style Christmas party no matter what your ethnicity may be!

Ideas for Décor, Favors, and Gifts with Spanish Flair

Christmas red is just the color to capture the festive flair of Spain. So when it comes to decorating your holiday party venue and packaging gifts and favors, be bold with the red elements. Then, add heartwarming rustic and evergreen touches to complete the holiday fiesta look!

Ideas for Décor, Favors, and Gifts with Spanish Flair

Shout out your Christmas greeting to guests with a large chalkboard sign (1) saying “Feliz Navidad!” as they approach the party table. And what a merry sight that table will be if you happen to have a red dining table with matching red chairs (2)! If not, lay out a bright red table cloth, add red candles and hang crimson baubles overhead as a hanging centerpiece.

Decorate a large Christmas tree with a mix of glittery and rustic ornaments, including little chalkboard frames with Spanish greetings (3). On your mantel, window sill or sideboard, display evergreen arrangements with candles and pine cones (4) (note: the link for this find includes a great DIY tutorial).

Then, for packaging Spanish holiday party favors, bundle up treats and gift items in bright red organza wraps (5). A perfect way to say “muchas gracias” for coming!

Image credits: 1 – Mis Pequeñas (Argentina), via Catch My Party / 2 – Dansk Magazine / 3 – The Crafted Sparrow / 4 – Celebrate and Decorate / 5 – Bellenza (product link in our Shop)

Spanish Christmas Food and Drinks

Perhaps the best way to overcome missing home is through your party menu! Serve up well-loved dishes, desserts and drinks traditionally part of a Spanish Christmas.

Spanish food from charcuterie to desserts to cava.

Start with a charcuterie platter (1) featuring an assortment of Spanish cheeses and cold cuts. Complement this with flavorful appetizers like these Sautéed Chorizos with Red Wine (2), as well as other popular choices such as gambas (spicy shrimps), jamón (Spanish ham), and stuffed mushrooms.

Lead into the main meal with a rich, hearty Spanish Style Potato and Chorizo Soup (3), delicious served with warm crusty bread. And of course what would a Spanish feast be without the renowned national dish, in this case Seafood Paella (4)?

Among the many Christmas confections of Spain are mantecados, polvorones (powdery almond cookies) and alfajores. Shown here are Pumpkin Chai Spiced Mantecados (5), made with roasted hazelnuts. Other well-loved sweets are turron (nougat), yema (confection made with condensed milk and egg yolks), flan (custard) and marzipan figurines.

And for such a special occasion as Christmas, do as the Spaniards do and bring out the bubbly—specifically Spain’s famed champagne, Cava (6). Other wines you could serve are Riojas, Moscato, and Tempranillo. While for hot beverages, offer guests café con leche (coffee with milk) and Spanish hot chocolate.

Image and recipe credits: 1 – Something New for Dinner / 2 – BBC Good Food / 3 – Good to Know / 4 – Empire Fish.com / 5 – My Humble Kitchen / 6 – Spanish Sabores

Wondering What to Wear to a Spanish Christmas Party? Check some of our favorite holiday dresses!

Holiday Music and Party Activities

Aside from the iconic Feliz Navidad Christmas carol, you could play recordings of Spanish guitar music for an authentic ambiance that everyone can enjoy.

The children would surely enjoy hearing stories about how Christmas is celebrated in Spain—for example, the tradition of carrying faroles (lanterns) or luminarias in Christmas processions through the streets.

They could then make their own lanterns out of paper during the party, as in this tutorial we found via Handbox that uses a LED tealight.

Spanish lanterns tutorial via Handbox.

So will you be throwing a Spanish Christmas fiesta this year? We’d love to hear what elements you plan to include, or any additional tips you may have for other party hosts!

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