Fun Ideas for a Kindergarten Graduation Party in Rainbow Colors

Rainbow centerpieces by fort & field

“Somewhere over the rainbow!” Such a fitting graduation party theme for a kindergartener since rainbows are associated with new beginnings, luck, and success. Plus they’re just so darn happy! So now’s your chance to deck out the occasion in the merriest mix of colors. We’ve got some super-easy and affordable ways to bring on the brightest hues via the party decor, food, favors, and serve ware. Rainbow dreams “really do come true!” (*this post contains affiliate links)

Kindergarten Rainbow Graduation Theme: Play With Colors, Shapes, Letters, Numbers

With your little graduate now a master of colors, shapes, letters, and numbers, it’s only fitting to weave these into the party decorations and treats:

Rainbow themed graduation party for kindergartener.

  • Buy paper plates, paper cups, wooden or plastic spoons and forks, and paper napkins in solid rainbow colors (you do remember “ROYGIBV” don’t you?). Then mix them up as you set the party tables (see photo #5).
  • Coordinate these with other fun elements in the basic shapes of circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and ovals; plus ABCs and 123s. A graduation cake decorated with these (as in photo #2) would be just the cutest!
  • For the table settings, apply the colors, shapes, numbers and letters to placemats, napkin bands, kiddie place cards, water bottle labels, straws (photo #4), and food buffet signs. Then, for the decorations, think how adorable these would look as party bunting, welcome and directional signs, chair decor, and ceiling ornaments.
  • To display your party fare and sweet treats, use serving trays and bowls in a mix of bright solids and multi-colored stripes and polka dots. And set these against a striking backdrop (fabulous example in photo #6).
  • Craft centerpieces that play up the kindergarten angle, too: bottles filled with crayons (like photo #3), colored chalk, plastic balls, marbles, layers of colored sand, or even cheery daisies in tinted water (gotta love photo #7)!
  • Try using colorful fruits to double up as both refreshing treats and decorations: apples, oranges, lemons, limes, grapes, strawberries, and pineapple. Arrange whole fruits in large bowls, or serve them sliced or on skewers.
  • Give party favors that are both rainbow-themed and school-related, too! School and art supplies in a rainbow tote, kiddie tees, water jugs, personalized bookplates or bag tags—all with rainbow designs.
  • And for take-home treats: multi-colored gumballs in candy tubes (see photo #1); cupcakes with rainbow toppers; mini jars of jelly beans; and boxes of 7 cookies each frosted in a rainbow color.

A Rainbow Party Decorating Secret

Believe it or not, one trick to a truly popping rainbow theme has no color at all: white!

  • White walls and ceilings, table cloths, backdrops, and the like provide a visual break from all that color craziness. The result: a crisp, clean look that’s truly appealing!
  • For the party food, have the cake frosted in basic white, as well as the cupcakes and iced cookies. Serve vanilla ice cream or desserts with whipped cream.
  • Since it’s a rainbow theme after all, add fluffy white clouds hanging from the ceiling. You could craft these from paper, cotton, tulle, or tissue paper.

What did we tell you? High-impact ideas at low cost and with minimal stress, right?. So, is your little kinder graduate going to celebrate with this theme?

Image credits:
1 – candy tube favors from Bloom Designs Online etsy shop; 2 – letters-numbers-shapes cake from Cake Central; 3 – crayons in a jar by One Charming Party, via Nicole Hill; 4 – straws from The Paper Divaa etsy shop; 5 – party ware from Craftily Ever After; 6 – sweets table and backdrop by Chickabug; 7 – daisies in colored water from Kelly Allison Photography, via Fort and Field

UPDATE (May 8, 2019)

This is such a fun and festive theme that we just had to come back to it. See what we’ve added to the color burst of Kindergarten Graduation Party ideas! (*this post update contains affiliate links)

Invitations to Decor in Rainbow Hues

The little grads are sure to be all excited for their moving up day. And you can’t beat rainbow hued party decor to capture the giddy mood!

Rainbow-themed kindergarten graduation decorations ideas

Kick off the color craze with the cutest kindergarten graduation announcements (1 – from Basic Invite) inspired by a box of crayons.

Prepare party treats in the same fun-filled spirit! Easy and yummy ideas are these rainbow frosted cupcakes ( 2 – from Bellenza) and a whimsical rainbow fruit salad with strawberry dip ( 3 – from Kraft Canada).

Keep up the revelry in the party decor, starting with the cheeriest DIY balloon party wreath ( 4 – styled by Bellenza) to greet the young guests. All the way to multi-colored centerpieces ( 5 – styled by Bellenza) made from upcycled cans wrapped in brightly patterned paper, a backdrop of rainbow fringe garlands (6 – from The Sweet Lulu blog), other DIY decor accents made of paper, and a delightful rainbow piñata ( 7 – via Amazon) for a party game!

Rainbow-themed Graduation Party Favors to Fill Loot Bags

This has got to be one of the most fun themes to find loot bag fillers for! Check out our adorable kinder grad-friendly finds in rainbow colors.

Rainbow-themed kindergarten graduation favors

Okay, this is a rainbow treat box (1 – 24-pack via Amazon) instead of a loot bag! But we just couldn’t resist it its cuteness. And here are some gifts and novelties you can buy in bulk to fill it with.

2 – Rainbow Glitter Spiral Notepads (1 dozen)

3 – Slinky Spring Toys (2 pack)

4 – Rain-Blo Bubble Gum Balls (24 pack)

5 – Crayon Bubble Bottles (24, in assorted colors)

6 – Huji Stacking Buildable 8-color Crayons Set (12 pcs.)

Congrats to the kindergarten graduates!

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