How to Plan a Boba Tea and Snacks Party: Fun and Easy!

Looking for a perfect-for-summer and simple-to-set-up celebration? Consider a boba tea and snacks party! Not only is the whole "boba theme" so much fun to plan and decorate with, but most of the party elements come ready-made or can be DIY-ed in a snap!

This theme would be perfect for a small, casual get-together like a housewarming, a backyard picnic, a baby shower or a kiddie birthday. So look for a spot in your home or garden, and start your party planning with these decor ideas, recipes, and product picks we’ve gathered for you. All with that playful boba motif! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Basics for a Boba Tea-themed Party

Of course, you’ll be serving flavored tea with tapioca pearls! But the other party elements can also play up the idea of bubbles and balls. Plus that Asian/tropical vibe that the whole boba tea craze is associated with! 

Boba Tea and Snacks Party for Summer

How to Decorate: Boba Bar Elements

A boba bar is an instant focal point for your celebration and can make even a small party space look fun and festive. Luckily, you can assemble one with easy basics, as this boba bar setup (1) from Moba Tea shows. A thatched-roof frame, a tropical table skirt with grass and flowers, DIY bamboo-framed signs, beverage dispensers, tin buckets with scoops, glasses and boba-drink straws. And your bar is ready!

For the guest tables area, spin the "boba pearl" theme even more with spherical decor items. Like this adorable balloon garland (2) at a Boba Part-Tea by Beijos Events. Or assorted pom poms and mini paper or honeycomb balls as centerpieces and chair accents.

Snacks with Asian Flavors to Serve Guests

Finger-foods and snacks with modern Asian flavors are just the thing to go with the boba tea! And here are 3 recipes we found to keep it light and easy: super-crisp and flavorful Air Fryer Tofu (3) from Well Plated, battered and fried Squid Balls in Honey Miso Glaze (4) topped with mayo and pickled ginger from Unilever Food Solutions, and Asian Popcorn Chicken Lettuce Cups (5) for a unique spin on salad from Perdue.

For party drinks, here’s a hassle-free way to stock your boba bar. The Jumbo DIY Boba Tea Kit (6), available on Amazon, comes with packets of papaya, mango, and banana powder, boba tapioca pearls, and a tea shaker, boba tea lidded cups and straws!


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