Lego Party Food Ideas from Cakes to Treats!

We’re back with more inspiration for Lego-themed parties! Our first post was on fun party decorations. This time, we’re focusing on some real clever Lego party food ideas—from cakes and treats to sandwiches and drinks. These could serve as your full party meal, in fact. Plus, again we made sure to choose totally doable options. So, get ready to serve up really cool and cute Lego party yumminess!

Lego Party Desserts, Treats, and Drinks!

Seeing all the fancy food and elaborate cakes on the web for this theme, it’s easy to feel intimidated. But look at our simple yet adorable finds below. You can do this!

Lego party food ideas—from cakes and treats to sandwiches and drinks.  #legobirthdayparty #legopartytheme #lego

1 – “Lego brick” cakes – Just love how simple these cakes from Mondo Cherry are, and yet so spot on for this theme!

2 – “Lego head” marshmallow pops – Who knew large and mini marshmallows could be so cleverly assembled into little Lego guy heads! Check out the tutorial by How I Pinch a Penny.

3 – “Lego brick” sandwiches – Ingenious idea from The Mauve Dinosaur. The ‘dots’ were pressed out from sliced bread using a bottle lid and then stuck on the sandwiches with cream cheese!

4 – Easy Lego cookiesSweet Sugar Belle claims these are the easiest cookies she’s ever made. For her, yes! But she shares her icing techniques and tips for these delightful treats, so we can try them, too!

5 – “Lego” Jello-O jigglers – Spotted these via Idea Designs (image: David Ball Romney), with a link to silicone molds you can use to make these brick shapes.

6 – “Lego brick” juice boxes – Believe it or not, those 3D-looking ‘dots’ on the wraps are just printed on. Such a cool trick by Delia Creates to dress up simple juice boxes!

There you have it! Basic Lego party fare you can easily whip up to delight family and friends. And still have time and energy left to enjoy the occasion!

We’ve got more coming up in our Lego Birthday Party series, so watch out for it!

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