Office Christmas Party on a Small Budget with Tips from Themes to Activities

The holiday season is brimming with good cheer. But it’s also quite a load on the pocket! So when planning the Christmas party for your workplace, it pays to have some cost-saving solutions to keep the revelry within budget. As you’ll see from our 12 tips below, a lot of it comes with sensible planning and resourcefulness. DIY what you can, recycle, re-purpose, borrow, have volunteers for tasks you would otherwise pay for. And still end up with an office Christmas party that’s high on enjoyment while being low on expenses! *This post contains affiliate links.

12 Tips for a Fun, Yet Affordable Office Christmas Party

The following office party tips assume that you have a small budget for a limited number of people (e.g., less 20). These tips are ideal for a party will be held in the same venue as work.

Tip #1 – Choose an office Christmas theme that uses decorations you can easily DIY or recycle/repurpose from everyone’s decor stash. Some fun themes include: Ugly Sweater, Elf on the Shelf, Retro, Spanish, Santa’s Helpers, and Winter Wonderland.

Tip #2 – Make a checklist of what items are needed (decorations, holiday party essentials, game prizes, favors) and post it for office colleagues to sign up on.

Tip #3 – Plan the party menu way ahead, so you can order the main dishes from a caterer, online food vendor, or someone’s mom! Your nearby grocery is also a great place to check out for special holiday platter meals.


Tip #4 – For holiday menu, have volunteers commit to contribute appetizers, desserts, or drinks that are their specialties. Set these items on a long buffet table with a simple poinsettia centerpiece, Christmas themed tablecloth, and garland.

Tip #5 – Ask the crafty ones in the office to hold a decor-crafting day on a weekend or during lunch. Consider upcycled ways to create holiday decorations for a budget-friendly approach.

Tip #6 – Assign a decorating team to work after office hours the day before the party, so the resulting look is pulled together and “in theme”! Check out some crafty ways to decorate your holiday drinks.


Tip #7 – Larger decorations like a Christmas tree, wreaths, a Santa or snowman figure, lanterns, or garlands can be “on loan” from people’s homes just for that day. If you have a small number of people in the office, you can create personalized stockings for the staff!

Make homemade decorations for the Christmas party.

Tip #8 – Form a games team to plan fun activities that will get everyone involved, like “Name That Carol!” or “Christmas Charades” or “Christmas Movie Trivia.” Give prizes to the winning teams to make it festive and fun.

Tip #9 – Set a festive holiday mood with a Christmas playlist (*affiliate link) through Amazon.

Tip #10 – Instead of buying or making party favors, plan a Gift Draw. Have each office staff bring a $20 valued gift, pre-wrapped. Then number each gift and have everyone draw a number and get a present to take home. Holiday cheese boards, wines, and fruit baskets are a great option!

Cheese boards and baskets for Christmas.

Tip #11 – Take a hassle-free approach to cleaning up after the festivities. Consider disposable holiday party ware like paper plates, cups, utensils, and napkins.

Tip #12 – Assign someone who can get the word out by making flyers, invitations, and/or emails.


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