How to Plan an Amazing (Yet Affordable) Magic-themed Birthday Party

“Abracadabra!” Don’t you wish that’s all it took to plan and host a kiddie celebration? Well, for a birthday party with a magic theme, we found it’s almost as doable as waving a magician’s wand! The party elements are readily available at reasonable prices, or they can be DIYed with materials, ingredients, or supplies you probably have right at home. So whip out that top hat and cape, and get ready to prep an amazing party for your little Harry Houdini! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Magic Party Invitations

Your birthday boy or girl will love these customizable party invitations – with his/her name, all the magical deets, and possibly an adorable photo!

Magic Party Invitations

To order, just click on your selected item below.

1 – Magician Birthday Invitation / Magic Show Party via Zazzle

2 – Kids Birthday Invitation 043 Magical Party via Zazzle

3 – Magician Kids Magic Birthday Party Invitations via Zazzle

4 – Abrakadabra Magician Red Curtain Invites via My Expression

5 – 8-Count Party Invitations, Magic Party via Amazon

Magic Party Decorations and Favor Display Ideas

Your choice of invitation would have already set the party palette – in this case, the classic “magic” color scheme of black, white, and red with touches of gold. So simply continue with that in the party decor.

Magic Party Decorations and Favor Display Ideas

Start with an eye-catching party sign (1)to set the magical mood. You could design your own or choose from the many printable signs available online.

For the guest tablescapes (2), you could simply lay out a solid red tablecloth and mark each little guest’s place with a magician’s top hat (see our party essentials to-buy section) and magic wand. Party plates, cutlery, and glasses can be waiting on a food buffet nearby (food ideas coming up below).

Set up a stunning cake and treats table (3), styled in black, white, and red. Frame the backdrop with red fabric “stage curtains” and lay out tempting treats – from a delightful rabbit-in-a-hat birthday cake all the way to magic-themed cookies and candies – chosen for their colors, too.

As the focus of all the fun, plan fascinating “magic tricks” that the kiddie guests can do themselves. Assemble an array of simple experiments, projects, and gadgets on an activity table (4) for the little ones to gather round (again, see our party essentials to-buy section). Label each activity with a clever sign and decorate the table top with magic confetti, glitter, or customized origami stars!

Finally, for the party favors display (5), use a tiered rack to arrange magician top hats filled with goodies and bundled up in cello wrap and ribbon. Dress up the rack with a playing card garland and a DIY bunting made from red and black fabric scraps.

Credits: 1 & 2 – Tutus and Toads / 3 – Livin’ Life with Style / 4 – Party Wagon / 5 – Bee in Our Bonnet

Magic Party Food + Drinks Choices

Prepare fun themed party munchies and beverages for the little magicians. These can actually be simple daily fare, but given some witty names and labels – and poof! You’ve got a magical menu!

Magic Party Food + Drinks Choices

An easy choice would be Star Sandwiches (1). These are just bread slices cut using star-shaped cookie cutters, then filled with kids’ fave sandwich fillings.

Then set out a Magic Wand Bar offering up Fruit Salad Wands, Licorice Sparkle Wands, and Fairy Bread Wands (2). Or you could simply put out veggie crudites in cups with a cheese dip, pretzel rods tipped with chocolate and sprinkles, mini breadsticks and label them “Magic Wands,” too.

On each guest table, place inverted magician’s top hats filled with Magic Munchies – actually your choice of healthy cereal, fruit and nut mixes. Alongside, place red- striped boxes holding Hocus Pocus Popcorn (3) and mini mason jars of multi-colored jelly beans labelled as (4) Magic Beans.

Magic jelly beans and potion

Finally, as party beverages, concoct (5) color-changing “Magic Potions”. Dissolve flavored (preferably unsweetened) drink powders like Kool-aid or fruit juice in water and pour into ice cube trays to freeze solid overnight. When ready to serve, pour chilled soda water into clear glasses and put 1 to 2 flavored ice cubes in each glass. As the ice cubes dissolve, the drinks will magically change color and flavor before the kids’ eyes. So cool!

Credits: 1 – Taste of Home / 2 – / 3 – Smarty Parties / 4 – She’s Kind of Crafty / 5 – Kiwi Crate

Party Essentials for a Magic-themed Birthday

Need a little help finding supplies to conjure up this theme? Say no more. We’ve lined up these party basics to get you started!

Party Essentials for a Magic-themed Birthday

1 – Magic Show Theme Birthday Party Garland – Ships from and sold by Merrilulu, via Amazon

2 – Magician Cape Sold by VirVentures and Fulfilled by Amazon.

3 – Honeycomb Centerpiece via Amazon

4 – Magician Party Supplies Kit via Amazon

5 – Magic Party Straws, Playing Cards Design (25 pack) – Sold by Food with Fashion and Fulfilled by Amazon

6 – Giant 5 x 7 Inch Playing Cards – Sold by Discount Party and Novelty and Fulfilled by Amazon

7 – Magic Birthday Party Cake Topper – By WindyOne, via Zazzle

8 – Mini Black Plastic Top Hat Favor (1 dozen) – Sold by LMC Products and Fulfilled by Amazon

9 – Assorted Magic Tricks for Children (24 Per Pack) – Sold by Avalanche Brands and Fulfilled by Amazon


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