How to Plan a Jumping Themed Birthday Party

Leap into summer with an exciting JUMP themed backyard birthday. This is one party that will definitely get all the kids up and jumping all day! With all that space in your backyard, start planning this celebration with colorful inspiration from your invitations to favors. Get creative and see how fun it is to plan this increasingly popular party theme for kids! Our staff has handpicked these party essentials (*this post contains affiliate links)



From the minute your guests receive their invitations via Zazzle (1), this party theme promises to be a hit! For items available on Amazon, decorate your backyard with a rainbow of colors against a black backdrop by way of a huge party banner (2). Imagine a whimsical birthday cake atop with jumping kids cake toppers (3)! Assemble a festive dessert table decorated with a rainbow pennant (4), which is filled with cold summer treats from snow cones to ice cream. As take home treats, prepare loot bags with stickers (5), jumping ropes (6), and emoji-inspired yoyos (7). Lastly, if you don’t have a trampoline yet, then it is time to try one just in time for the gathering (8).


Since this is a backyard celebration, your food options range from having a backyard BBQ to serving kid-friendly fare. Consider these options that can be cooked at home, catered, or bought from your local supermarket:

  1. Mac and cheese
  2. Baked sweet potato fries
  3. Baked beans
  4. Pork sliders
  5. Platter of carrot sticks and celery dip
  6. Fruit platter of apples, oranges, and grapes

Remember to have plenty of beverages available for the kids such as fruit juices and iced water. You can also set up a lemonade station, which is a definite plus in the summer.

What to Wear to a Jumping Party

A jumping themed party means that this event will be an active one! This means comfortable clothes such as shorts and t-shirts. Bring sneakers or slippers that are easy to wear on and off. Stylish summer outfits that are easy to move around in are recommended. You may want to skip the skirts and dresses this time!

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