Retirement Party: Golf Themed Party Ideas for Dad

Talk about a milestone to celebrate! Dad’s retirement is certainly one of them. And to mark that moment with a truly fun gathering, why not tee off the “leisure years” ahead with a golf-themed party! Everything can be planned around creative golf references, as shown in our finds and product picks below – from the decorations to the party menu, cake and drinks to the activities and take-home favors. Dad’s gonna love this! (*this post contains affiliate links)

Golf Party Decorations and Supplies

Retirement Party- Golf Themed Party for Dad.

Sources: 1 – Zazzle – invitation  / 2 – Amazon – party banner / 3 – Etiquette with Miss Janice – centerpiece / 4 – Amazon – place mats / 5 – Angie’s Southern Kitchen – food / 6 – Creative Cakes by Laurel – golf cake /  7 – Amazon – chocolates / 8 – Amazon – board game / 9 – Amazon – driving mat

Golf-themed invitations

“Fore!” Start the retirement party hype with a cool invitation (1) that announces the golf theme to family and friends.

Decorations and Centerpiece

Then, for the event itself, decorate the venue with golf-inspired accents like a customizable retirement party banner (2) and buckets filled with golf balls on green crinkle paper as the table centerpieces (3). So easy but surely eye-catching!

At each guest’s place setting, lay out golf-themed place mats (4) – and probably matching drinks tumblers with “golf club” stirrers, plus argyle-patterned place cards or golf-tee napkin rings.

Food, Games and Favors to Prepare

Party menu, cake and treats

Even your party menu can revolve around the golf theme – serving up the pimento sandwiches and egg sandwiches (5) that are a tradition at the famed Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia. Served with sweet Southern iced tea, and complemented with other staples like potato chips, pecan caramel popcorn, Georgia Peach ice cream sandwiches, and mini moon pies!

For Dad’s retirement party cake (6), have one that mimics a grassy golf course – plus mini cupcakes topped with golf pennants.

Golf Favor Ideas

Finally, to give as party favors, an easy (and always appreciated) treat would be chocolates in personalized golf-themed wrappers (7). Or if Dad’s golfing buddies will be among the special retiree-guests, too, you could have custom golf caps or visors made, sets of tees, tubes of sunscreen for days out on the green, or personalized water tumblers!

Party Games for Guests

Set up a variety of games and activities which is especially great if dad’s close buddies decide to stay on a bit longer after the majority of party guests leave. Check out some ready-made board or party game designed around golf, like these fun choices we found on Amazon:

Golf Card Game (Big Party Edition)

Portable Driving Mat

These two other games are also worth a look (not pictured above):

Play Nine: The Card Game of Golf!

GOLO, Golf Dice Game

As a party activity, you can DIY your own “Golfer Match-Up Game”. Print out 10 to 15 photos of famous golfers, mount them on a board, and label each picture with a letter or number. Give each guest a print out with all the names of the golfers printed on it, for them to match up the name with the golfer’s picture by writing the letter or number next to the name. The person that gets the most correct answers wins. See Queen of Theme Party Games for more info.

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