Science-themed Boy’s Birthday Party by Oleander and Palm

Science is cool! That’s definitely the feeling you get from this creative Science-themed birthday party designed by Jeran of Oleander and Palm for her 10 year-old son, Dylan. Boy, how much more interesting would our Science classes have been if we had had geeky games and experiments, plus yummy treats like these!

We’re kidding, of course. But this party was a definite must-feature in our (text)books when we saw how crafty mom Jeran pulled together such delightful, yet totally doable elements. Admittedly not every home has the help of a “resident nerd” in the form of a Biology teacher hubby/dad! But everything else you can DIY, download, bake, or buy to recreate this party scene. Prepare to be educated…and entertained!

A Great Party with Fun-Filled Details!

The great party photos practically speak for themselves. But there are some elements we thought were particularly inventive and interesting!

Science themed boy's birthday party inspiration from dessert table to party treats by Oleander and Palm | Featured on Party Suite at Bellenza

1. The dessert/treats table displaying white chocolate Lab Rats, Atomic Pops (Oreo truffles on sticks), Flask Cookies, Petri Dish Delights (culturing gummy worms!), and candy-filled test tubes, beakers, and flasks

2. A backdrop made from a vintage “Frog Dissection” chart, paired with chalkboard-style bunting creating a lab or classroom vibe

3. Fun treat bags sewn from Science-print fabric and filled with “fun nerdy notions,” probably including those genius-worthy toy spectacles and magnifying glasses

Science themed boy's birthday party favors by Oleander and Palm | Featured on the Party Suite at Bellenza

4. A birthday cake decorated with buttercream icing to resemble a bubbling laboratory flask

5. An actual working microscope reminiscent of science class

6. A festive teal and yellow color scheme to liven up the scene

And finally, the ace component in this party, Biology teacher Dad who kept the young guests fascinated and occupied with on-the-spot observations and experiments (including an actual dissection, we understand!)

Great party, right? No A’s in Science needed. Just a bit of crafting and baking skill, some creative sourcing, and a whole lot of love for a birthday boy who will surely come away convinced that Science is cool!


Styling and DIY elements – Jeran of Oleander and Palm
Customizable invitations – Minted
Blackboard bunting – Minted

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