Slumber Party: 10 Tips to Plan a Stress-free Sleepover for Pre-teens!

You’ve taken the bold step in deciding on a slumber party for your pre-teen’s birthday. However, before you send the invitations consider these 10 tips for planning a stress-free sleepover. Sleepovers carry their own sets of challenges especially if it is for a birthday celebration so keep everyone including yourself happy with these helpful pointers!

  1. Announce your event early (at least a month ahead).
  2. When requesting for an RSVP, include a “contact and care” card that asks for information like emergency numbers (1 or 2), any special instructions (e.g., if a child suddenly decides that they don’t want to stay the night), and food allergies.
  3. Keep the party guest list at a manageable size. By keeping the party small, 6 to 10 would be a fair amount of children to have, so the smaller the number the easier it will be to host the sleepover.
  4. Incorporate a party theme. Having a theme can make it simpler to plan activities. For girls, consider glamping, princess, or a spa party theme. While for boys, a space, super heroes, or transportation-related theme are a few theme options. Character-based themes are also very popular.
  5. Set some house rules for the guests. It is important to communicate your house rules in a friendly way.
  6. Set a party schedule for the night. Include any activities for the kids. Depending on whether it is a sleepover for boys or girls, limit the activities to ones that won’t cause too much excitement as the night progresses.
  7. Don’t prepare all food yourself. Let’s be practical now. You will be more exhausted if you prepare everything unless that is what you desire. Think of ordering some or all of the food through your favorite grocery. Many of them offer pre-cooked meals, appetizer plates, and sandwich platters.
  8. Avoid serving too much sugar-laden treats. Frosted cupcakes and cake pops are great, but you may want to reconsider serving these types of treats at a sleepover. Another option is to serve cupcakes that have less frosting, including fruit-based desserts like yogurt cups with strawberries, granola mix with some candy, and oatmeal raisin cookies. Since this is a birthday party, you will also most likely be serving a cake anyways so this may preclude the need to have extra goodies or at least serve less of them.
  9. Recruit the help of a friend, relative, or spouse. Hosting a sleepover can be very tiring before and after the actual event. Get a co-host or helper to assist you during the party.
  10. Know your guests’ parents. If you haven’t met your child’s parents, it may be a good time to meet them before the actual event.

Now that we’ve provided you with these 10 tips, we hope the thought of planning a sleepover party is doable for you! Good luck!

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