Under the Stars Sweet 16 Winter Party Theme

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Plan a Glamorous Under the Stars Sweet 16 from Attire to Activities

A starry winter night under the stars! That’s what we had in mind for planning this beautiful sweet 16 theme in a palette of blue and silver. With modern and fun party elements, we are bringing you 6 ideas for getting this party started from a starry night invitation to a dazzling candy table painted in pretty shades of blue! (*this post contains affiliate links). UPDATED on 9/25/2018 with more comprehensive ideas from attire to activities.

“Under the Stars” Sweet 16 Theme: Modern and Fun Ideas

Plan a memorable celebration whether it’s at home or a special venue like a hotel. These 6 elements aim to make your party planning just a tad easier!

Under the Stars Sweet 16 for a Winter Celebration // Curated Finds by Bellenza

  1. Send party invitations printed in a sweet 16 blue and silver design – via Zazzle
  2. Give the celebrant a dramatic blue-hued birthday cake with a snowy buttercream design – see Wilton for details.
  3. Decorate your venue with paper lanterns and starry lighting effects – see Bridal Guide.
  4. Consider decorating your tablescape with jeweled candle accents like these votive holders – see Bellenza.
  5. Present the guest book with a selfie and Mad-Libs station – via Zeffert and Gold Catering.
  6. Set up a festive candy buffet table with sweets in almost every shade of blue using a variety of glass jars – via Biz Bash. Photo: Cameron Ingalls/cameroningalls.com.

Starry and Sparkly Sweet 16 Party Invitations

Send a sparkly shout out to guests about this special night with starry-themed invitations like these we found. Do remember that many of these finds are customizable!

Starry and Sparkly Sweet 16 Party Invitations

  1. Yellow and Purple Stars Sweet 16 Postcard Invitation – from Zazzle
  2. Midnight Stars Twinkle Sky Sweet Sixteen Birthday Invitation – from Zazzle
  3. Sweet 16 Starry Night Gold Blue Sparkle Sky Party Invitation – from Zazzle
  4. Navy Bright Hanging Lights Birthday Invitation – from Purple Trail
  5. Silver Faux Glitter Masquerade Sweet Sixteen Birthday Invitation – from Purple Trail
  6. Sparkly and Magical Sweet Sixteen Birthday Invitation – from Purple Trail

Star-inspired Attire for the Sweet 16 Celebrant and Guests

What a dazzling sight it would be with the ladies all dressed in gowns in different shades of blue, with sparkly accents of sequins, beading, rhinestones, and shimmery fabrics—like these! Definitely mother approved, too!

Under the stars sweet 16 dresses: attire approved by Mom!

  1. After Six Prom Dress: Lily, Royal Blue – from Dessy
  2. After Six Prom Dress: Keira, Midnight Blue – from Dessy
  3. Lace Backless Long Formal Evening Prom Dress – from Amazon
  4. Peony Long Sleeve Lace Formal Prom Ball Gown – from Amazon
  5. After Six Prom Dress: Maryanne, Larkspur Blue – from Dessy

We also love these two alluring styles via Macy’s:

6 – Adrianna Papell Beaded V-neck Mikado Satin Gown Royal blue sweet 16 dress
7 – Betsy & Adam Ombre Printed Strapless Ballgown Ombre blue sweet 16 gown

Sweet + Sparkly Guest Favors in a Glittery Gift Bag

Thank guests for gracing this special occasion with gift bags filled with starry-themed favors for your Sweet 16. We did some advance shopping for you, and chose these!

Starry and Sparkly Sweet 16 Party Favors and Loot Bag Fillers

  1. Blue Universe Stars Gift Bag – from Zazzle
  2. Under the Stars Glass Coaster Set – from Amazon
  3. Star Key chain – from Amazon
  4. Extra Large Rock Candy Sticks (36 navy blue, blueberry flavor) – from Amazon
  5. Hershey’s Kisses, Milk Chocolate Blue Star (2-pound pack) – from Amazon. These can be presented in pretty blue favor wraps, then popped into the gift bag.
  6. Rhinestone Star Place Card Holders – from Bellenza

“Under the Stars” Themed Accessories and Activities

Of course, the other party elements should revolve around the celestial theme, too. Here are some accessories and activities we suggest that do just that!

1 – Drop in Stars Guest Book – from Amazon Guest book drop off of stars for a sweet 16 under the stars theme.

2 – Backdrop for Photobooth – from AmazonUnder the stars sweet 16 photo booth backdrop

Other Under the Stars’ party ideas for activities may include:

A “Star Scavenger Hunt” – During the party set-up, hide glitter-covered stars in different places within the venue and the surrounding garden. Have the guests search for as many stars as they can find. There will be certain stars marked to receive special prizes, while the guest who gathers the most number of stars wins the grand prize.

A “Singing Star of the Night” contest – Prepare a karaoke playlist of songs with star-related titles or lyrics, and have volunteer guests take turns performing them. A panel of judges or the Sweet 16 celebrant herself will choose the winning singing star.

“Waltz Dance Time” – With such a classic, romantic Under the Stars theme, prepare a recording of 2 or 3 of the most-loved waltz compositions. Then, have the birthday girl and her father lead everyone in lovely ballroom-style waltzing—ending in a toast of bubbly for everyone to end the evening!

Love this post? Be sure to check out more unique sweet 16 themes! Plus, get some creative ideas from our post on a galaxy birthday theme.

This post contains affiliate links. You can find our disclosure statement here.

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