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Green Thumb Themed Favors: Ideas for Grownups

Birthdays in the spring are super fun to plan especially if it’s for a person who loves to garden! What better way to celebrate their birthday than with a green thumb themed party? Give party favors inspired by this unique theme from whimsical bags filled with goodies to seeds to faux flowers in pots. Let these creative favor ideas for a green thumb themed party make a lasting impression!

Unique Green Thumb Favors for a Birthday Party

Green Thumb Themed Favor Ideas for Grownups

  1. SEEDS – give seeds in miniature pots filled with seed packets of flowers or even vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers: see this DIY.
  2. MINI FAUX FLOWERS IN POTS – these faux flowers in galvanized buckets serve as nifty place card holders and a pretty desk decoration afterwards: see this product.
  3. FLORAL GIFT BAGS – fill these whimsical pouches and sachets with mints, caramels, or taffy. You can also opt for candies made with edible flowers: see this product.
  4. MINI WREATHS MADE FROM TWIGS – make whimsical wreaths that can be used as place card holders.
  5. PORCELAIN KEEPSAKE COLLECTIBES – bright and cheery keepsake boxes evocative of spring are great party favors: see this product.
  6. HERBS IN BURLAP BAGS – create an aromatic herb mix and place in burlap bags presented in festive packaging
  7. BAKE SCRUMPTIOUS COOKIES – present flower-shaped cookies in natural woven boxes: see this product.
  8. LAVENDER BUDS, SCENTED ROSE PETALS, OR POTPOURRI – present fragrant lavender buds in embroidered bags that can be placed in a linen closet: see this product.
  9. HOMEMADE LIP BALM IN JARS – present them in olive green packaging and display on each guest’s place setting: see this product.
  10. BUTTERY BISCUITS IN FLORAL DECORATED BASKETS – place dainty tea cookies in miniature straw baskets finished with pink ribbons: see this product.
  11. SPICES – prepare spices for cooking in miniature glass vials.

Explore more green thumb favors:

  1. READY TO PLANT KITS – give mini potted seeds for herbs to get everyone started in gardening.
  2. WATERING CAN WITH CANDIES – find miniature watering cans and fill with green-colored M&Ms chocolate candies or similar treats in a verdant hue.
  3. BUTTERFLY CUPCAKES – make frosted cupcakes and top with colorful butterfly cupcake toppers.

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