17″ Zaarni Organza Favor Wraps (set of 5)

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17″ Zaarni Organza Favor Wraps (set of 5)

17″ Zaarni Organza Favor Wraps (set of 5)

Product Price: $17.50

  • Price per unit: $3.50.
  • Get 30% OFF (on more than 1 set in the same color) with CODE: ZA30 
  • Includes pearl-tipped drawstrings.
  • Sold as a set of 5 round organza circles.
  • For quantities in excess of 200, please send us an inquiry for pricing.
  • Can be used in conjunction with our Charisse Heart Boxes.
  • Not sure about buying this size? See our WRAP GUIDE.
  • Measures 17” in diameter. (See separate listing for 12” wraps.)
  • Comes in red, aqua, lilac, burnt orange, pink, fuchsia, and olive.
  • See our DIY for presenting them as packaging for candy apples.
  • Ideal for odd-shaped items from candles to mini wine and champagne bottles.
  • Popular for packaging scented items like soaps, bottles of lotion, and sea salts.
  • Mix and match colors for an attractive gift presentation.
  • Use them for an Arabian Night's, Moroccan, or Italian Theme.

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    What Fits Inside

    The 17" wraps can fit a variety of slightly larger items to be given as favors or gifts: a pack of 8 medium-sized cookies, a bag of coffee beans; bottles of jam, sauces, or condiments; pillar candles; small picture frames; lotions and other spa items.

    A Color for Every Theme

    The versatility of our 17” fabric wraps is pretty amazing! Particularly when it comes to color, the 7 choices ensure that your favors complement your theme, location, or season. See what we mean in this post that shows each color in action!

    Shimmery Splendor

    At a dazzling Arabian Nights-inspired wedding soiree, the iridescent sheen of our 17” organza circles in lilac gives an exotic finish to gold carved frames given as favors.

    Lush Luau Table Setting

    Come summertime, our wraps can just as easily grace the tablescape at a tropical-themed gathering, like a luau. Their olive color blends right in with the lush centerpieces, as they present seashell frames on each place setting. 

    A Reason to Fiesta!

    The Cinco de Mayo festival gets everyone into the fiesta mood. And our wraps in multi-colors extend that vibe to your party or wedding favors—fittingly presented on the brim of a giant sombrero!

    Tropical Treats as Favors

    At a Caribbean-themed occasion, choose your favorite citrus and fruity flavored sweets. Present them as favors in handcrafted seashell dishes, and bundle these up in our burnt orange 17” fabric rounds. Tropical treats indeed!


    Sold in units of

    Sold as a set of 5 [all in 1 color].

    How it is packaged

    Each wrap is individually packed in a cello bag, with its matching drawstring ribbon. The set of 5 wraps is then held together with a seal.

    What you can do with this

    These shimmering organza circles are amazingly versatile and easy to use for packaging a variety of odd-shaped items—from small jars and bottles to candles to frames to packs of coffee beans. They make any wedding or party favor and any gift item look extra special!

    Product Description

    Inspired by Japanese gift-wrapping called furoshiki, our Zaarni fabric circles are made from silky sheer organza in a variety of eye-catching colors. A neat hem gives each wrap a polished look, while its matching drawstring has a pearl and crystal bead at each end for a hint of luxe. When tied closed, the fabric forms a stylish bundle with a flouncy ruffle.